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  • The damaging mental health effects of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic is having a negative impact on our mental health. People are struggling with fear, isolation, uncertainty, concern for the wellbeing of loved ones, and worry about employment and finances in uncertain economic times. Some would argue Canada was already in the midst of a mental … Read more »

  • Sun Life Ordered To Pay General Damages For Causing Mental Distress In LTD Claim

    Kardaras v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2020 ONSC 392, is a recent long term disability trial decision where Sun Life was ordered to pay general damages for mental distress because it assessed the plaintiff’s claim in a manner that was not reasonable and balanced, contrary to the duty of g … Read more »

  • Top 10 Questions Long Term Disability Lawyers Are Asked

    Long term disability lawyers get asked the same questions regularly. The answers to the 10 most common questions follow. Contact Michael directly for more fulsome answers specific to your situation. There is no fee and no obligation. 1) Should I appeal? When long term disability claims are denied, t … Read more »

  • Applying For Long Term Disability Benefits: Top 10 Tips

    Long term disability (LTD) insurance is intended to provide a stream of income while you are disabled from your employment. Industry statistics suggest most claims are accepted, but many legitimate claims are rejected. Sometimes these denials could have been avoided had the application been complete … Read more »

  • Long Term Disability And Waiting Periods

    What Is A Waiting Period? Most long term disability (LTD) policies do not pay benefits for weeks or months after you become disabled. This may be called a waiting period, an elimination period, or a qualifying period. You are not eligible to receive benefits until after this time frame has passed. T … Read more »