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  • Tenants in Condos: The New Mandatory Residential Tenancy AgreementMarch 21, 2018

    In addition to being busy creating forms under the Condominium Act, the Province has kept busy creating a new mandatory standard lease for residential unit under the Residential Tenancies Act (the legislation presently regulating the relationship between landlords and tenants in a residential settin … Read more »

  • Explaining the Notice of Meeting to Condo OwnersMarch 14, 2018

    My own condo corporation is moving towards its first AGM under the amended Act.  We’ve received our financial audits, sent out our Preliminary Notice and picked the AGM date.  Last week, we reviewed the Notice of Meeting (ouch) and the Proxy form (double ouch).  These forms may be difficult to under … Read more »

  • Explaining the New Proxy to Condo OwnersMarch 7, 2018

    The condo industry is going through significant changes aimed at improving the lives of condo owners in Ontario. As part of the many changes implemented through the Protecting Condominium Owners Act, the province has developed mandatory forms aimed at streamlining how condo corporations conduct thei … Read more »

  • News on How to File your Condo Returns with the CAOMarch 2, 2018

    As you know, all condo corporations in Ontario are now required to file new Condo Returns with the Condo Authority of Ontario (the CAO). To this end, the CAO was expected to launch an online platform on March 1st, 2018, for all corporation to file their first transitional returns by March 31. The CA … Read more »

  • Explaining the Preliminary Notice to Condo OwnersMarch 1, 2018

    My condo board and I recently reviewed our first Preliminary Notice, which we must send out to owners in a few days, in anticipation of our upcoming AGM. We also reviewed our first Periodic Information Certificate, which will go out with the Preliminary Notice to save on stamps. If there was any dou … Read more »