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  • Webinar: Deep Dive on Reserve Fund Studies (Nov. 3 @ 5pm)

    Our next monthly webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, November 3, 2021, at 5pm. You can reserve your spot by registering here. Topic:  Deep Dive on Reserve Fund Studies Basics and beyond What are they for? Who does them? How can directors best prepare for them? 30 or 40 year horizon? How much latitud … Read more »

  • Condo Tribunal evicts emotional support dog

    Ontario’s Condo Authority Tribunal (CAT) issued another decision leading to the eviction of a pet who was allowed to urinate and defecate on a balcony (with waste dripping/falling on the patio below). Of interest, the dog in question was claimed to be an emotional support dog and the owner appeared … Read more »

  • Condo owners cannot dictate when to change the windows

    In a recent decision, the Superior Court shed some light on the extent to which a condo owner can dictate when and how the corporation is to maintain, repair and replace common elements. Specifically, this owner was unsatisfied with the perceived delay in changing some of his unit windows and brough … Read more »

  • Ontario Extends Virtual Meetings and Electronic Voting Until September 30, 2022

    Ontario has extended until September 30, 2022 the various exceptions in place to facilitate the conduct of condo business during the pandemic . Virtual AGMs Condo corporations will continue to be able to call and hold their meetings of owners (including AGMs) by telephonic or electronic means – rega … Read more »

  • EV Charging Stations (Webinar)

    Plug into this webinar to learn everything you need to know about EV charging stations! From the initial owner consultation, to securing grant money to installing the infrastructure. See below the list of topics, the speakers and our list of resources. This webinar was broadcasted on October 6, 2021 … Read more »