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  • Join us for our Mock Virtual AGM (Wed. May 27 at 5pm)

    As you know, Gowling Landings Towers is calling its first virtual AGM, to be held tomorrow! When: Wednesday May 27 at 5pm Where:  Your computer, tablet or ipad How will it work? We will set it up like a real virtual AGM: You will be the “unit owners”. You’ll recognize: your board your condo lawyers … Read more »

  • Join us for a Mock Virtual AGM (Wednesday May 27 at 5pm)

    Everyone is talking about virtual AGMs being the way of the future.  But how the heck will these things work? Fear not, Gowling Landings is calling its first Virtual AGM on May 27, at 5pm. All owners (that’s you) will be able to see, feel and try the process from beginning to end. We will also […] T … Read more »

  • CondoVirus Webinar: “Reopening CondoLand” (Wednesday May 20 at 5pm)

    Episode 10: “Reopening CondoLand” Topics: Reopening Ontario What restrictions have been lifted? What is the practical impact on condos? Management Puzzle Can we go ahead with… Window washing? Landscaping? Interior maintenance/repairs of common elements? Benches/gazebos/patios? BBQ season (private an … Read more »

  • Ontario Lifting Some Restrictions Impacting Condos

    AT 1:30 today, Premier Ford announced the lifting of certain restrictions as part of the first Phase of reopening Ontario.  The complete list of Stage 1 Business can be consulted here. Don’t miss our weekly webinars, Wednesday at 5pm.  Our experts will provide a step-by-step risk assessment process … Read more »

  • Covid Changes to the Condo Act are here to stay … for a while.

    Today, in a legislative sprint, Ontario fast tracked Bill 190 (the “Covid-19 Response and Reforms to Modernize Ontario Act, 2020″).   This Bill is modernizing numerous pieces of legislation to adapt them to our post-Covid world. With respect to the Condo Act, this Bill confirmed that some of the tem … Read more »