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  • What Documents Must be Included with the Periodic Information Certificate?

    Most are already familiar with the requirement to send out Periodic Information Certificates (PICs) to condo owners in Ontario.  PICs must be sent twice a year (thankfully down from the initially contemplated 4) and must be prepared in accordance with regulation.  Thankfully, the province of Ontario … Read more »

  • Refusing to Allow Modifications to Common Elements Can Amount to Oppression

    The Condominium Act prevents condominium corporations from treating unit owners unfairly and differently from the rest of the owners. This obligation is found under section 135 of the Condominium Act (the oppression remedy). In Noguera v. Muskoka Condominium Corporation No. 22, the Corporation and i … Read more »

  • Upcoming Events and Learning Opportunities: February/March 2019

    Are you looking for networking opportunities or to get more knowledgeable on condo matters? Here is the list of the known condo training and networking events for February and March in Ontario. Each of these offers a unique opportunity to gain condo knowledge and to meet with other like-minded condo … Read more »

  • Time to File your 2019 CAO Condo Returns

    It’s that time of year again! Time to start working on filing your Condo Returns with the CAO.  The deadline is March 31, 2019.  This year, this mandatory requirement comes with good and bad news: Good news: The CAO is (temporarily) reducing it’s Assessment Fees (Yay!); Bad News: The CAO may fine co … Read more »

  • Do Changes to the Condo Act Mean More Work for Lawyers?

    The Law Times is publishing a series on the impact the amended Condo Act is having on the condominium industry in Ontario. Our own Rod Escayola is optimistic that “it’s going to be a far better place in condoland in Ontario” but points out that there are some obstacles and growing pains before we ge … Read more »

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