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  • Is this Condo Rule Legal?September 13, 2018

    A question we often get from our readers is whether a particular condo rule is valid. Naturally, we can’t answer specific questions without a thorough review of the rule in question but this post may help demystify what condo rules are about and how they are adopted. This post will also address two … Read more »

  • Municipal Elections: Can Condo Owners Post Electoral Signs?September 6, 2018

    With October coming up, we can all probably expect to see pumpkin patches, coloured leaves, chai lattes and…. electoral signs! Indeed, Ontario municipal elections will take place this October 22, 2018. This will bring the usual uncertainty as to what candidates and their supporting owners can do whe … Read more »

  • Should Condo Owners be Allowed to Inspect Proxy Forms?August 21, 2018

    The Condominium Authority Tribunal was recently asked to rule on whether condo owners should be allowed to inspect unredacted copies of the proxy form used at an AGM. This was yet another case where the Tribunal attempted to balance privacy and transparency. Mini survey Before we summarize the case, … Read more »

  • New Regulations Applicable to Condo PoolsAugust 8, 2018

    With the warm summer we are experiencing, a pool is certainly a hot amenity to have in a condominium building. New regulations governing the operation and maintenance of pools (including pools in condos) came into effect on July 1st, 2018.  Indeed, condo pools in Ontario are considered public pools … Read more »

  • Register Your Condo Corporation with the CAO !August 2, 2018

    Some Ontario condo corporations are still “Missing in Action” and have not yet registered with the Condo Authority of Ontario. The good news is that more than 81% of the existing condo corps have met their legal obligation and have filed their mandatory Condo Return.  Still, there are a few straggle … Read more »