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  • Condos Must Act Reasonably or Face Litigation Cost

    The court recently reported the costs decision in the Amlani matter.  As many other costs decisions, it is a sobering reminder that condo corporations ought to consider reasonable alternatives to litigation or risk facing costs consequence. The Amlani case You may recall that the Amlani case involve … Read more »

  • Toronto moves to Stage 3 and Requires Masks in Condos!

    Did you feel the earth shake yesterday? Ontario gave Toronto and Peel Region the green light to move to Stage 3 (with the rest of the province), effective July 31; Toronto passed a by-law making masks mandatory in all condo interior common areas, effective August 5! Click here for an easy-to-follow … Read more »

  • End of Covid Emergency: New Deadlines to Call your AGMs!

    Just as we were getting “comfortable” with the current state of affairs, Ontario has shaken things up again with the adoption and proclamation of Bill 195. This has officially brought the declared emergency to an end and has started the countdown towards all postponed AGMs. It also means that condos … Read more »

  • Mandatory Face Masks in Condos? (Take II)

    We’ve blogged on face masks in condos already (and I fear this may not be the last time we do) but we need to revisit the issue of masks in common elements for the following two reasons: Ottawa adopted a Temporary Mandatory Mask By-law, on July 15, 2020; Toronto‘s Mayor and Medical Officer now recom … Read more »

  • Is it Time to Reopen your Condo Gyms?

    In our prior post, we reported that (most of) Ontario is moving onto Stage 3, which means that most businesses and public spaces are allowed to reopen (with proper public health and workplace safety measures/restrictions). For now, nearly all of Ontario is moving onto Stage 3 as of Friday (July 17) … Read more »