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  • When a Divorced Parent Can Relocate Children Within Canada

    When a couple who have children together decide to get a divorce, legal battles commonly arise concerning the assignment of decision-making responsibility (custody) of the child(ren) and the establishment of entitlement to child support in respect of the same. Although less common, issues also frequ … Read more »

  • Are RRSPs and Pension Considered When Spousal Support is Assessed?

    When two married people decide to get divorced, one of the consequences of that decision is that the couple must undertake a division of all of their assets, including any real properties, such as homes or cottages, and any vehicles or other assets and money accumulated between the two. Furthermore, … Read more »

  • Determining the Liability of Bicyclists and Motorists in Accidents

    Generally speaking, when a person suffers personal injury or property damage due to an accident involving at least one motor vehicle, the injured party brings a civil claim of personal injury against the party responsible for the accident to recover damages for the injuries suffered. These same rule … Read more »

  • Domestic Agreements In British Columbia

    With shared lives come shared responsibilities, and it is essential to protect your rights and assets in case the unexpected happens. This is where family law agreements come into play. These agreements are designed to address various aspects of the relationship, including financial matters, distrib … Read more »

  • How Can Testamentary Capacity Be Proven?

    Generally speaking, when a person dies, those left behind consult the deceased’s Last Will and Testament to ascertain their wishes concerning how they wanted their estate to be distributed upon their death and who they appointed as executor/executrix to carry out those wishes.  Wills are typically a … Read more »