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  • Tips for A Path Forward Through Change – By Kathleen Pinno

    As a lawyer who is brand new to running a freelance business from home, I notice a comforting solidarity with our whole profession. Responding to COVID-19, we are all in a place where we have been forced to change, adapt, and embrace new ways of working and living. To varying degrees, we are all in … Read more »

  • 5 Tips for Business Development & Marketing Ideas for Lawyers in 2020

    Business development and marketing should still be a top priority for lawyers and law firms in 2020. Now is not the time to go silent! But forget the tone-deaf pushy selling and self-interested promotion. That is never going to work, especially during a pandemic.You might feel awkward about seeking … Read more »

  • Erin Cowling Interviewed for CBA Podcast

    Check out Erin’s interview with Vivene Salmon, President of the CBA and fellow law-preneur, Kim Gale for The Everyday Lawyer Podcast.Erin, Kim and Vivene talk about going solo and the challenges and rewards of starting your own practice: … Read more »

  • Lawyers Looking for Leads: "Virtual" Networking

    ​In the “old” days, pre-pandemic, we used to publish “Lawyers Looking for Leads” blog posts with curated lists of networking events for lawyers in Ontario. We focused on events with a social component, where lawyers could make new contacts and find potential referral sources for work. Well, in-perso … Read more »

  • Webinars and Other Resources for Lawyers During COVID-19: March 25-April 3, 2020

    Looking for some guidance during these uncertain times?We’ve made a list of webinars and resources aimed at lawyers to assist with your practice and helping your clients.Webinars:CPD Assists (to help Legal Practitioners during the Pandemic), available to download, Law Society of Ontario (FREE)How to … Read more »