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  • ​Why Hiring A Freelance Lawyer is a Stress-Free & Affordable Way for Lawyers to Get More Done

    It’s one of those days.It’s 6:30pm, you’ve worked all day, and you have not checked off one single item on your already too long “To-Do List”.Where did the day go?It was filled with “stuff” preventing you from finishing what needs to be finished.  ​You know you need help, but you do not want the hea … Read more »

  • Flex Founder, ERIN COWLING, GUEST on Happy Lawyer Podcast

    Flex’s founder, Erin Cowling, was a guest on Catherine Shearer’s Happy Lawyer podcast.On the episode, Erin and Catherine talk about:​· Erin’s journey from big law to unemployment to becoming a freelance lawyer and creating Flex Legal· Lawyer struggles with mental health· The importance of finding yo … Read more »

  • Virtual Networking Events for Lawyers: March & APril 2021

    ​Our curated list of upcoming networking events for lawyers for March and April 2021 is now ready!It’s time to connect online with other lawyers to socialize, build your network, and meet potential referral sources.  Take advantage of the chat function and the breakout rooms to meet someone new and … Read more »

  • Should Lawyers CHarge an Initial Consultation Fee?

    Want to spark an interesting debate among lawyers?Just ask lawyers if they think initial consultations with potential clients should be free or not. There seems to be no consensus. We can only conclude that there is no right answer (other than the answer lawyers love to give: “It depends.”)There are … Read more »

  • Virtual Networking Events for Lawyers (January-February 2021)

    Networking and making connections is a key aspect of business development for lawyers. We know it is definitely harder to make and maintain those connections in our current world. But there are some alternative ways to keep in touch and one of those ways is through virtual networking events.We’ve cu … Read more »