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  • Keeping Your Hands Lien: Don’t Forget a CLP!July 16, 2018

    By Catriona Otto-Johnston & Nada Ladhani Builders’ liens are an important tool for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers when collecting unpaid invoices on a project. Although a lien does not guarantee payment, it does provide security and mitigate business risk. The lien process is complex with … Read more »

  • Consequential Consequences: Contractually Excluding Damages for Lost ProfitsJuly 5, 2018

    AUTHORED BY: Ryan Krushelnitzky and Kelly Starrak Clauses that exclude or limit the recovery of consequential or indirect damages are common in construction, services and other commercial contracts. These clauses can play an important role in risk allocation.  This is particularly so in situations w … Read more »

  • Probate for Paddington: Michael Bond, CBE (1926-2017)June 27, 2018

    One year ago, Michael Bond, CBE the creator of the beloved literary character, Paddington Bear, passed away in London, England at age 91. Though I recall seeing snippets of Paddington Bear on the television when I was young, I never actively watched the animated series or read the books. Based on wh … Read more »

  • Pay Attention to What You Pay ForJune 26, 2018

    It is fairly rare for judges to directly criticize lawyers in written decisions relating to estate matters, at least in my experience. When I do run across it, it sends a strong signal because there is usually an important lesson in the criticism. The judge’s displeasure with the lawyer who drafted … Read more »

  • Extra! Extra! How Do Subcontractor Change Orders Affect the Lien Fund? It Depends…June 22, 2018

    More often than not, contractors and subcontractors perform extra work on construction projects over and above the scope of work contemplated by a fixed price contract. Where a subcontractor performs extra work at a contractor’s request, it will often be to the contractor’s account, absent any work … Read more »