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  • Recent Changes to the Condominium Property Act of AlbertaOctober 18, 2018

    In January and April of 2018, the Condominium Property Act of Alberta (the “CPA”) was extensively amended, and further changes will be coming in the future. These current amendments will affect all developers and purchasers of new condominiums in Alberta. Statutory Language The CPA has for years req … Read more »

  • Keep off the Grass! Cannabis in Calgary: Zoning and Public UseSeptember 21, 2018

    Anticipation of cannabis legalization is all the buzz right now as federal, provincial and municipal legislation is coming together to paint a practical picture of cannabis regulation – all by October 17, 2018. This blog post examines aspects of municipal law regulating the purchase, sale, and use o … Read more »

  • Six Circles of Hell: Priority Among Insurers In An Alberta Rental/Leased Vehicle ClaimAugust 8, 2018

    Accidents involving rental/leased vehicles give rise to overlapping insurance coverage situations. The rental/leasing company will have an owner’s policy covering it and anyone driving with its consent. The driver may have an owner’s policy of his/her own relating to his/her own vehicles that may pr … Read more »

  • Keeping Your Hands Lien: Don’t Forget a CLP!July 16, 2018

    By Catriona Otto-Johnston & Nada Ladhani Builders’ liens are an important tool for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers when collecting unpaid invoices on a project. Although a lien does not guarantee payment, it does provide security and mitigate business risk. The lien process is complex with … Read more »

  • Consequential Consequences: Contractually Excluding Damages for Lost ProfitsJuly 5, 2018

    AUTHORED BY: Ryan Krushelnitzky and Kelly Starrak Clauses that exclude or limit the recovery of consequential or indirect damages are common in construction, services and other commercial contracts. These clauses can play an important role in risk allocation.  This is particularly so in situations w … Read more »