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  • Is Spousal Support Available After Death?April 3, 2018

    Perhaps encouraged by the recent decision in Marasse Estate, we have another recent case from the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench addressing an estate’s ability to claim spousal support and its liability to pay spousal support. Stalzer v Stalzer, 2018 ABQB 191 is reassurance to estate planning and fa … Read more »

  • A Reference to Deference – The Court Weighs in on a Consultant’s FindingsApril 2, 2018

    The consultant plays an important role in any construction project. The consultant is obligated to fulfill its role in impartial manner, even though a contractor or owner may not always agree with the consultant’s determinations. If that happens, it’s important to understand how the Court treats a c … Read more »

  • Rolling the Dice on Costs of Estate LitigationMarch 20, 2018

    Alberta Courts have been busy on the topic of costs in estate litigation in the past few months. Four recent decisions issued out of three judicial centres in Alberta provide a good reminder of just how unpredictable litigation is and the Court’s wide discretion in compensating parties for their lit … Read more »

  • Mo’ Money, Mo’ AdministrationMarch 9, 2018

    Illustration by Mark Raven Jackson Today marks the 21st anniversary of the death of Christopher Wallace, or probably better known to you as legendary rap artist Notorious BIG or Biggie. Wallace died at the age of 24 after being shot in Los Angeles. The controversy surrounding his death continues to … Read more »

  • Double Duty: Executors’ Tax Filing ObligationsMarch 6, 2018

    If you dread doing your own taxes, then think twice about becoming an executor of an estate. One of the core duties of a personal representative is to deal with the deceased’s taxes. In Alberta, the duty is contained right in the Surrogate Rules, which state that: Determining the income tax or other … Read more »