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  • A family makes a house a household

    A home owner was not covered by her homeowner’s insurance policy for a claim for damages arising from her daughter’s personal injuries after a fall at the home. Insurance law – Homeowner’s insurance – Members of a household – Residence employee – Tenant – Exclusions – Interpretation of policy – Prac … Read more »

  • No priority of coverage if there is no coverage

    A rental car insurer was the first loss insurer despite the rental car driver being a listed driver, but not a named insured, under a separate standard Ontario Automobile Policy for two other vehicles. Insurance law – Automobile insurance – First party insured – Named insured, definition – Lessors a … Read more »

  • Drinking, driving, and coverage do not mix

    The insured driver was intoxicated by alcohol to the point where she was incapable of proper control of her vehicle, thus breaching a condition of her insurance policy. Insurance law – Automobile insurance – Breach of policy – Impaired driver – Care, custody, or control of motor vehicle – Third part … Read more »

  • Homeowner insurer under duty to defend insured with road rage

    Insurance law – Automobile insurance – Homeowner’s insurance – Exclusions – Duty to defend – Third parties –  Practice – Appeals Pembridge Insurance Co. of Canada v. Chu, [2019] O.J. No. 5769, 2019 ONCA 904, Ontario Court of Appeal, November 15, 2019, J.M. Simmons, G.I. Pardu and I.V.B. Nordheimer J … Read more »

  • Not a moment too soon

    A pedestrian was covered under her spouse’s employer’s motor vehicle insurance policy as the motor vehicle was available to the spouse’s use at the time of the accident. Insurance law – Automobile insurance – Statutory Accident Benefits – Interpretation of policy – Uninsured motorist – Practice – Ap … Read more »