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  • Medical Exemptions for COVID-19 Vaccination

    On September 14, 2021, the Ontario Ministry of Health (“MOH) released its guidance setting out the list of all possible medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccination. The list of potential exemptions is very short and essentially limited to three categories: Pre-existing Conditions (“PECs”). PECs are … Read more »

  • Vaccinations in Condos – Amenities and Workplace Policies

    In order to attend your neighbourhood gym outside of a condo, you are required to prove you’ve been fully vaccinated. In condoland, things aren’t so clear. Condos are not explicitly excluded from the applicable regulation relating to proof of vaccination. However, the regulation uses the term “patro … Read more »

  • Important Ministry Announcement – Extension to September 30, 2022

    Here we are again.  In anticipation of amendments to the Condominium Act to  remove the requirements for Virtual Meeting and Electronic Voting By-laws and for obtaining owner consents to receive electronic notices we have learned that the Ministry has now announced the extension to the temporary sus … Read more »

  • Fire Safety Obligations for Condo Managers and Boards

    Massive fires and building envelope failures are sadly becoming more frequent in highrise properties around the world. Once formal investigations are completed and final reports are released, the time comes to assess the recommendations that will help to avoid similar tragic outcomes in the future. … Read more »

  • Visit us Virtually: CAI Canada’s 2nd Annual V-Condo 2021-Supporting Communities in 2021 and Beyond!

    It’s the first big event of the early fall and you should plan on attending. For the second year in a row, CAI Canada is presenting a virtual education conference and exhibition on September 23 and 24 – V-Condo 2021–Supporting Communities in 2021 and Beyond! This is an excellent opportunity for mana … Read more »