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  • Condo Developer’s Right to Terminate Pre-construction Agreements of Purchase and Sale – Recent Court Ruling

    As we have reported in previous blog posts, there have been a number of pre-construction condominium developments in the Greater Toronto Area that have been canceled by the developers. The developers relied on early termination rights set out in the purchase agreements. While the purchasers were ref … Read more »

  • Electronic Voting- 6 myths – the Facts

    Electronic Voting has been adopted by many condominium corporations, so it is time to dispel some myths about what Electronic Voting is and what it is not. Myth No. 1 – Electronic proxies are “online voting” or electronic voting. Wrong. Electronic proxies involves completing a proxy through an onlin … Read more »

  • Condo Energy-Saving Retrofits

    As utility costs represent approximately 35 to 50% of the budget for high-rise condominiums, reducing these costs can significantly impact a corporation’s budget and the common expense fees paid by unit owners. Smart Energy Recovery (“SER”) is a new eco-friendly company that assists condominium corp … Read more »

  • Duty to Accommodate Disabled Residents

    A recent case decision (Polito v. Briarlane Property Management Inc., 2019 HRTO 708) from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (the “Tribunal”) focused on the obligation to accommodate disabled residents. In October of 2016 a disabled resident requested that automatic door openers be installed at th … Read more »

  • Condo Rules Restricting Co-ed Swimming – Court Decision

    Some time ago we blogged about a lawsuit commenced by several condo owners in New Jersey against their condominium association after it instituted rules that restricted mixed-gender swimming in the association’s pool. Approximately two-thirds of the condo residents are Orthodox Jews, whose faith pro … Read more »

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