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  • Condo Managers and Directors- Free Conference- Hottest Condo Topics of 2019

    CAI Canada is holding its first annual condo conference on February 7th 2019 in Toronto at 55 Barber Greene Road starting at 8:00 am.  Sponsors have come forward to offer free attendance to condo directors and managers for the event.   This conference will feature a full day of seminars on topics re … Read more »

  • Electronic Voting for Turnover Meetings

    Over the past few months many condo development lawyers have incorporated electronic voting wording into the General Operating By-law for newly registered condominium corporations in order for electronic voting to be used for the first owners meeting- the Turnover meeting. The reason- ensuring that … Read more »

  • Hoarding in Condos

    Many corporations have experienced their fair share of “messy” residents whose units look similar to their teenage daughter’s bedroom. That said, there is a difference between the casual “clutterer” and an individual who suffers from hoarding disorder. What is hoarding disorder? Hoarding disorder is … Read more »

  • Looking Back at Condominium Law in 2018 – The Highlights

    As we are quickly approaching a new year, we’ve taken a look back at the condominium legal landscape over the past year. This has been quite the year! Here are some of the highlights.  Legalization of Marijuana – Prior to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada this past October, many c … Read more »

  • Condo Board Minutes

    Many newly elected board members know that minutes of the board meetings must be kept, but they do not fully understand what is to be recorded in the board minutes. First of all, the board minutes ARE NOT A TRANSCRIPT of who said what. Rather, the minutes are a summary record of the business conduct … Read more »

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