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  • BC Ends Rental and Age Restrictions for Strata Properties (Updated)

    On November 21, 2022 the Government of B.C. announced changes to legislation that will remove rental restrictions in strata properties and introduced the new Housing Supply Act, which will provide select municipalities with increased powers to address housing development. These changes will have imp … Read more »

  • New Trust Reporting Rules Delayed

    Canada’s federal finance ministry has tabled draft legislation proposing that the new trust reporting rules are delayed by a further year and apply only to taxation years that end after December 30, 2023. The rules in Bill C-32 will still require the disclosure of information on each trustee, benefi … Read more »

  • Partnerships Involving First Nations – PST Issues

    General Partnerships and LLPs General partnerships and LLPs with a First Nations partner(s) who is eligible to make exempt purchases on First Nations land are entitled to an exemption for their purchases on First Nations land, proportional to that First Nations partner’s interest in the partnership. … Read more »

  • Bill 96 and The Use of Non-French Trademarks in Quebec

    On June 1, 2022, Bill 96 An Act respecting French, the official common language of Quebec (the “Act”) came into force in Quebec. The Act brings modifications to the Charter of French Language (the “Charter”), which will impact the use of trademarks on public signage, commercial advertising, labellin … Read more »

  • The Taxation of NFTs in Canada

    With the increasing interest in buying and selling Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”), one important question arises: Do you have to pay taxes on NFTs? Canadian law is pretty clear here. Read on to learn more about if and how NFTs are taxed in Canada. NFTs are one of the biggest new things to rock the cry … Read more »