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  • Expediated Registration Process for Contested Trademark Applications

    The trademark registration process in Canada can be a lengthy process, beginning with a 15 to 18-month examination period before a trademark examiner informs you whether your trademark is registrable. Historically, if the examiner raised an issue with your trademark or a third-party raised an object … Read more »

  • Corporations, Ownership Transparency and the New Rules

    The legal, regulatory and compliance landscape in Canada has changed, and will likely continue to change, for corporations, their shareholders and their advisors. As of June 13, 2019, the Federal Business Corporations Act (Canada) (the “CBCA”) was amended to require all CBCA corporations, other than … Read more »

  • We’re Hiring – Barbeau Evans LLP

    Legal Assistant – Downtown Vancouver We are looking for an engaged, focused Legal Assistant to support our unique and varied law practice. We are a downtown Vancouver law firm, that assists clients from across North America, and from a wide range of jurisdictions around the world, with corporate / c … Read more »

  • Beneficial Property Ownership Reporting Threshold Lowered in British Columbia

    What Beneficial Ownership Disclosure Could Mean for You British Columbia has lowered the threshold at which shareholders of a property-owning corporation must be disclosed to its public registry of beneficial and indirect land owners to 10 per cent. The province’s proposed Land Owner Transparency Ac … Read more »

  • Canada Adopts International IP Measures

    The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has announce that the Madrid Protocol, the Singapore Treaty and the Nice Agreement came into force in Canada today, June 17, 2019. These treaties, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization, will allow Canadian businesses to apply for trade … Read more »