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  • Foreign Buyer Tax – An Australian PerspectiveSeptember 11, 2017

    British Columbia and Ontario have both recently instituted a Foreign Buyers Tax (B.C.) (the “FBT”) and a Non Resident Speculation Tax (Ontario) (the “NRST”), in an effort to address escalating home price and, arguably, the general supply imbalance.  In British Columbia, the FBT is a 15.00% tax that … Read more »

  • Multiple Wills and Probate Fees in British ColumbiaJune 20, 2017

    Multiple Wills have been utilized for multi-jurisdictional estate planning for a very long time. More recently, multiple Wills have been utilized in the Province of Ontario, for managing Probate Fees which are calculated on the value of the estate assets subject to the Grant of Probate. In short, th … Read more »

  • Expatriation Tax Implications of Renouncing US Citizenship or Surrendering a Green CardJune 12, 2017

    Many residents of Canada have connections to the US, ranging from business interests, ownership of recreational or retirement properties, children attending US colleges, etc.  Furthermore, there are many US individuals residing in Canada, also for reasons of work, recreation, education, etc.  In our … Read more »

  • Anti-Spam Law Private Right of Action SuspendedJune 8, 2017

    The Anti-Spam private right of action provisions, under Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), which were scheduled to become law on July 1st, 2017, have been suspended. The intent of the CASL legislation, was to provide that commercial electronic messages cannot be sent by organizations, unless the recipie … Read more »

  • Estate Planning UpdateMay 31, 2017

    Planning Your Estate The lawyers of Barbeau Evans LLP, in concert with tax advisers, provide individuals, families and business clients with comprehensive estate planning advice, individually suited to their specific needs, to ensure the orderly succession of assets to the next generation. We look a … Read more »