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  • Patel v Certas Direct Insurance Co., [2020] A.J. No. 793

    In this Application for a Section 581 advance, there are two significantly new issues. Firstly, whether the disclosure of a settlement amount from a prior motor vehicle accident should be considered in a Section 581 Application. Secondly, whether the financial circumstances of the Applicant’s spouse … Read more »

  • A Summary of the Law on Section 581 Advances

    Section 581 of Insurance Act, RSA 2000, c I-3 permits a person injured in a motor vehicle accident to obtain an advance on settlement funds. The section works in conjunction with Section 5.6 (3) of the Fair Practices Regulation, Alta Reg 128/2001. The relevant portions of this legislation read: Sect … Read more »

  • What Is No-Fault Insurance?

    DefinitionNo-fault insurance is a system of insurance whereby each party is entitled to compensation through their own insurer. No-fault insurance removes one’s ability to sue the party responsible for personal injury. In contrast, the traditional tort based system allows you to sue the person(s) at … Read more »

  • Choosing an Alberta Injury Lawyer

    Choosing the right Alberta injury lawyer can be difficult. New injury law firms are continuously entering the Alberta market, advertising many years of experience practicing injury law. But does the lawyer or firm actually have much experience practicing injury law in Alberta?  Or does the injury la … Read more »

  • The 5 Most Common Driving Behaviors That Lead to Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Today I would like to discuss the 5 most common driving behaviours that lead to motor vehicle accidents. The information in this blog is based on my experience as a motor vehicle accident injury lawyer, having personally handled many thousands of motor vehicle accident cases. 1. Following too close … Read more »