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  • Am I Safe with You?

    Myrna discusses why psychological safety is an imperative in all our relationships and invites listeners to prioritize the same. She also shares a recent experience where no safety was present or promised, as well as, an entirely different experience with a group of Indigenous people who knew exactl … Read more »

  • Retreat, Regulate and Repair with Myrna and Dr. Dhall

    Season 3 is here thanks to a generous gift from the BC Law Foundation! Thank you BC Law Foundation. Dr. Amar Dhall is back for round 2 to talk about introception, bio-hacking the nervous system, the importance of trauma-informed practice, emotional intelligence and to share details on our upcoming r … Read more »

  • The Gift of Grief and Gratitude

    Myrna recaps 2022 and highlights holiday depression, suicidal ideation, grief, gratitude, Gabor Mate and the healing we need in the legal profession. Caution: Myrna also drops a couple F bombs. 

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  • How We Teach is How They Will Practice: a Conversation with Natalie Netzel

    Natalie Netzel of Mitchell Hamline Law School explains why trauma-informed lawyering is the way forward for law schools, legal educators and future lawyers.

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  • Boundaries: a TLABC Talk Given at Whistler BC

    Bonus episode. Myrna gave a talk to the women of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC in Whistler, BC on October 22, 2022. She discussed boundaries, self-regulation, the consequences of never saying no and feeling like a smeagol in a room full of frodos. Enjoy! 

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