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  • Boundaries: a TLABC Talk Given at Whistler BC

    Bonus episode. Myrna gave a talk to the women of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC in Whistler, BC on October 22, 2022. She discussed boundaries, self-regulation, the consequences of never saying no and feeling like a smeagol in a room full of frodos. Enjoy! 

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  • Small Doses at High Frequency: A Conversation with Justice Patrice Band

    Ontario Court of Justice Patrice Band discusses trauma in the courtroom and his decision in R. v. Marratt which is the first of its kind to comment on vicarious trauma in the courtroom in the context of CP cases. This episode is Justice Band’s call for everyone in the legal profession to learn more … Read more »

  • The Upside Down World of Trauma

    This is an emotional episode which discusses Indian Residential Schools, child rape, the memories that haunt us and the hard stories we have to tell. It also focuses on healing and empathy and the choices we must make in order to heal. This episode also offers listeners ideas on how they can connect … Read more »

  • Community is Key to Healing

    This episode discusses the recent murders which occurred on James Smith Cree Nation and the town of Weldon in Saskatchewan. The focus of this conversation with Dan Jones is primarily on the subject of racism and stereotyping Indigenous communities as we have sometimes seen in the justice system, med … Read more »

  • From Retribution to Restoration: A Conversation about Restorative Justice with Vanessa Slater

    “The retributive focus of the colonial legal system results in much trauma, particularly with respect to criminal justice. The enlightenment that comes with becoming trauma-informed can assist lawyers, decision makers and others involved in addressing conflict to overcome deep-rooted systemic hurdle … Read more »