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  • Can I Draft My Own Will?!?!

    There is a well-known case that is read by most law students during law school which relates to hand written Wills also known as Holograph Wills. In 1948, Cecil Geo Harris, as Saskatchewan farmer, was pinned underneath his tractor. While he was trapped, he used a packet knife to etch the following o … Read more »

  • A Back to School Message From FDTLaw

    It’s almost back to school season and school days bring congestion. Children are walking to and from school, kids are on their bikes hurrying to class and buses are picking up their passengers. The Canadian Safety Council has some excellent safety tips to share with children to ensure safe travel: G … Read more »

  • You Won’t Be-Leaf This Case!

    Boundary line disputes are common in the realm of Real Estate law and the case of Allen v. MacDougall, 2019 is no exception. The parties shared something in common, a tree that straddled the boundary line of their adjoining lands. The Forestry Act states “every tree whose trunk is growing on the bou … Read more »

  • Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents

    Summer time means spending more time outdoors. Whether you’re walking to and from work, taking a lunch time stroll or just generally enjoying the sunshine, road safety should always be on your mind. Both pedestrians and motorists are responsible for keeping everyone safe on Ontario roads. Here are s … Read more »

  • Land Transfer Tax and First-Time Home Buyers

    Who Pays Land Transfer Tax? When you acquire land or beneficial interest land, you will pay land transfer tax to the province when it closes. Land transfer tax is normally based on the amount paid for the land, in addition to the amount remaining on any mortgage or debt that is assumed as part of th … Read more »