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  • How Self-Driving Vehicles are likely to Change the Legal Landscape

    As the possibility of self-driving cars becoming the norm keeps encroaching, questions remain unanswered on how this may impact the future of personal injury law. Recently, the City of Toronto, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), and Metrolinx partnered up and launched the West Rouge Automated Shuttle … Read more »

  • How Do I Find The Right Lawyer For Me?

    Choosing a lawyer to represent your personal injury claim is no small decision. It is so important that you find a professional who has a solid reputation and proven experience with your specific issues. Still, one question I often hear in my work with Lerners is: Does it really matter if I hire a p … Read more »

  • Introducing the newest members of #TeamLerners!

    Please join us in welcoming four Personal Injury associates to our Toronto and London offices. Each new member of #TeamLerners brings a combination of outstanding service, innovative thinking, pragmatic advice, and litigation strength to ensure that our clients continue to be well served in the comm … Read more »

  • Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

    Perhaps you have heard the phrase ‘the wheels of justice turn slowly’, which is based on an expression more than a thousand years old.  As a result of the pandemic, the wheels of justice have mostly stopped turning altogether.  Since March, 2020, civil jury trials have been essentially non-existent … Read more »

  • When Can A Lawyer Help Relieve Your Stress?

    Accidents are never planned. They come suddenly and turn someone’s world upside-down. It is no surprise that in the timeframe immediately after an accident, it can be a complete whirlwind. In many cases, the injured person is hospitalized, dealing with numerous medical appointments, specialists meet … Read more »