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  • Skiers and Snowboarders Beware: Occupiers’ Liability – What You Need To Know

    The weather forecast over the next few days is calling for flurries, and that means that ski hills will soon be fully open and bustling with people. Despite my personal excitement that the snowboard season is finally here, I also feel that it deserves a word of caution. There’s no real question that … Read more »

  • Meet Ruth

    I am very pleased and satisfied for the excellent service of Chris Dawson.  It my honour and gratitude to say thank you for everything such as a huge support to myself and my daughter.  No words to express our appreciation.  I will recommend to anyone who needs assistance,  Chris Dawson and associat … Read more »

  • Union Members Face Hurdles in Litigating LTD Benefit Disputes

    Union members seeking long-term disability benefits under a policy provided by an employer pursuant to a collective agreement may not be entitled to have any disputes as to the entitlement of such benefits litigated before the courts. The Ontario Court of Appeal in Hutton v. The Manufacturers Life I … Read more »

  • Lerners Admits New Partners

    Lerners LLP is proud to congratulate Jacob Aitcheson, John Brennan and Joseph Hentz on their admission to partnership. “Becoming a partner is an important achievement for many lawyers. Admission is earned through exemplary work with clients, entrepreneurship and a commitment to our firm values,” sai … Read more »

  • Pre-judgment Interest Developments in the Historical Sexual Abuse Context

    Pre-judgment interest (“PJI”) on damages in historical sexual abuse cases involving plaintiffs who seek compensation for wrongs perpetrated against them years and sometimes decades earlier has long been a contentious issue. At what point in time should interest start to accrue, and at what rate? Two … Read more »