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  • Variable Compensation & Wrongful Dismissal

    Chances are excellent that if you had asked 100 employment lawyers if an employer could change the variable component of an employee’s compensation for the duration of a termination notice period, 99 would have said no. That number may have changed due to a recent decision of the Ontario Court of Ap … Read more »

  • Employee Rights vs. Shareholder Rights on Termination

    The Ontario Court of Appeal has recently released an important decision dealing with the remedy available to an employee who also owns shares. In this case, the employee/shareholder was entitled to a share bonus upon termination under a Shareholder’s Agreement (SA). The employee was terminated at th … Read more »

  • Probationary Term in an Employment Contract

    The Ontario Court of Appeal (ONCA) recently considered the issue of probationary terms in an employment contract in a review of a Divisional Court decision. Ontario law allows a first appeal to the Divisional Court from the Superior Court of Justice in cases involving lower thresholds of monetary cl … Read more »

  • Settlement Agreements & Confidentiality

    When a case is settled, it is commonplace to have the parties sign an agreement documenting the settlement terms. These “minutes” will typically detail certain non-monetary issues, which invariably will include a release and also a term of confidentiality as to the settlement terms and occasionally … Read more »

  • SCC Clarifies Distinction Between Employee and Contractor

    The Supreme Court of Canada recently released a decision setting out its view of the old age distinction between employee and contractor. This case has received considerable publicity. It did, once again, define the test for searching as to whether the person in question is an employee or the conver … Read more »