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  • Temporary Lay-Offs & COVID-19

    On April 8, 2020, Canada announced amendments to the wage subsidy program aimed at helping employers avoid lay-offs or recall workers who have already been let go due to COVID-19. The lost revenue requirement that employers must demonstrate in order to qualify has been reduced for the month of March … Read more »

  • Ontario Employment Law: Coronavirus Updates

    The Ontario and Canadian governments continue to make revisions to the law as the health crisis continues. There is no reason to believe that these amendments are complete, as the situation is ever-changing. The present shut down of non-essential businesses is set to expire April 7, 2020, but will m … Read more »

  • Coronavirus & Employment Law: An Update

    All readers will be aware of the mandatory closing of all “non-essential” businesses as of March 24, 2020. It will remain in place for at least 14 days and may then be renewed. A list of businesses that are allowed to open is linked here. Protected Leave The amendments to the Employment Standards Ac … Read more »

  • COVID-19 and Employment Issues

    COVID-19, and the potential threat it poses to people around the globe, is currently having an impact on every aspect of our lives and employment issues have taken centre stage. Some of the questions are, indeed, unprecedented in the modern context. These present more than legal questions. These iss … Read more »

  • International Issues Affecting Canadian Employment Law

    A distant company in East Africa exploits local citizens in accordance with local law and practice. The manner of treatment of such persons is alleged to be inhumane and similar to slave-like conditions. Can such manner of treatment to these employees be afforded legal redress in Canadian courts, wi … Read more »