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  • Update on Privacy Issues in the Workplace

    We have written previously about the expectation of privacy in the workplace with respect to employee emails. Today we provide an update on this issue. The issue of privacy expectations in email messages was considered recently by the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) in the context of a criminal case a … Read more »

  • Health Issues on Termination

    There are many issues to be considered in making or assessing a settlement offer on termination. One such issue is the health of the person who has been fired. Statutory Coverage Ontario law requires every employer to continue health and insurance benefits for a minimum statutory time period followi … Read more »

  • Failure to Pay Wages May Lead to Jail

    A number of Ontario cases have led to serious periods of incarceration for individuals who have refused to comply with “orders to pay” issued by the Ministry of Labour. These persons were either the employer directly or directors of the relevant companies. The Precedent Cases In 2013 Peter Check was … Read more »

  • When is 2.5 Million 2.5 Million?

    The Ontario Employment Standards Act mandates severance pay after five years of service upon employers with a payroll of $2.5 million or more. This term in the statute may have repercussions beyond the immediate need to make the payment. Where the employment contract sets out a lower threshold requi … Read more »

  • Court of Appeal Reverses Harassment Tort Decision

    The Court of Appeal released this week a decision[1] setting aside a trial decision[2] which had, for the first time, recognized a new tort claim of harassment. Harassment Claim There are subtle differences between the traditional claim of “the intentional infliction of mental distress” and what was … Read more »

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