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  • Return-to-Work Considerations

    As many workplaces look to return employees from working remotely, employers will be anxious to implement a safety program, including testing policies, to ensure the ongoing health of both employees and visitors. However, employers will have to strike a balance between safety and human rights provis … Read more »

  • Employment Updates: Layoffs and CEWS Entitlements

    On July 21, the latest bill received royal assent which made Bill 195 law as of July 24. This legislation ends the state of emergency on this date. The impact, however, of this new bill is not as dramatic as one might expect as all prior orders made under the emergency legislation will remain in eff … Read more »

  • Court: Contract Terms Denying Commissions After Termination Invalid

    When employed in a position that pays commission, a person would rightfully expect to earn any commission stemming from sales they successful made while employed. However, the line becomes more blurry when the sales are not finalized until after the employee has been terminated. Blurrier still when … Read more »

  • COVID-19 Update Roundup for Employers & Employees

    A number of updates have been recently announced that have the potential to affect both employers and employees. Below, we provide an overview of the key highlights. Masks As of July 7, the re-opening of businesses in Toronto includes the mandatory wearing of masks which covers the nose, mouth and c … Read more »

  • Updated Draft of Federal Workplace Violence Regulations Released

    The federal government recently issued the final draft of new regulations set to address workplace violence and harassment in federally-regulated workplaces. Below we will provide an overview of the changes. First, however, we will provide a brief update of the ongoing provincial response to the COV … Read more »