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  • Employment Contract Set Aside for Failure to Comply with ESA

    The Ontario Court of Appeal recently upheld a lower court decision setting aside the terms of an employment contract. The case illustrates the importance of experienced legal advice when drafting such a contract if it has any hope of being enforceable. What Happened Here? The contract in question co … Read more »

  • Bad Faith and False Accusations Upon Termination

    Wallace Updated The leading case, at one time, on the issue of bad faith conduct in the termination of employment was the 1997 Supreme Court of Canada decision, Wallace v United Grain Growers. That decision has since, in one respect, been replaced by a 2008 SCC case called Honda v Keays. Many lawyer … Read more »

  • The Push and Pull of Disability Conflict

    An employee’s physician says the employee is “disabled”. The insurer’s view is that they are not. The employer sits in the middle, often without timely access to updated medical reports. What are they to do? Perhaps the best course of conduct may be to do nothing. Modern Precedent Consider this scen … Read more »

  • Disability Insurance

    Disability insurance is a valuable asset when the need arises. Many of us pay no attention to its existence until we’re facing a serious injury or health crisis when it is too late to attain it. Most people have this insurance through their employment as a group benefit and may view this as sufficie … Read more »

  • ONCA Clarifies Importance of ‘Exculsivity’ for Dependent Contractors

    The conundrum of distinguishing between a dependent and an independent contractor may finally be resolved by a recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal. The determination of status as a dependent contractor may have significant ramifications for “employer-principals”. As opposed to that of an … Read more »