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  • No Need to Regret Being Sorry

    The Basics Ontario, like many other Canadian jurisdictions has passed legislation[1] dealing with the impact of any apology. In most circumstances, saying “I’m sorry” cannot be used in evidence as an admission of liability. This is the main purpose of this statute. Its impact extends not only to civ … Read more »

  • Summary Judgment Once More

    The Basics We reviewed in a recent post the fundamentals of a summary judgment motion. As was then noted, often both parties may agree that this process should be used where there are no significant facts in controversy. In employment cases, often the court on this motion will be asked to determine … Read more »

  • Summary Judgment

    The Basics Either party to a law suit may apply by motion to a judge seeking a final judgment to end the case. This eliminates the need for a trial and may minimize costs. The first question the judge must decide is whether there is “no genuine issue” warranting a trial based on the evidence before … Read more »

  • Negligent Statements May be Actionable

    The Basic Rule It is well established that an employment relationship is one which is “special” which requires care and consideration in statements made in the interview process. False or negligent statements made by the employer in this process may give rise to claims for misrepresentation where th … Read more »

  • Navigating the Claim for Lost Benefits

    Basic Rule There is no doubt that a claim may be made for lost benefits for the notice period. The quantification of this claim is not, however, straightforward. ESA The first step is to recall that all benefits are deemed to continue for the minimum statutory notice period. This leads to the conclu … Read more »

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