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  • Ontario to Get Tough on Exploitative Temp Agencies and Recruiters

    On October 18, the Ontario government announced it will be introducing new restrictions and licensing requirements for temporary help agencies and recruiters. These measures form part of proposed legislation to enhance worker protections, which, if passed, could require licenses starting in 2024. Pr … Read more »

  • Ontario Government Proposes COVID-19 Financial Relief for Employers

    COVID-19 created severe financial hardships for many employers, including restaurants and bars that had to reduce business hours or close during public health-mandated lockdowns. Other businesses faced difficulties related to transitioning their employees from working in the office to remote work. W … Read more »

  • ILA May Protect Employers with Problematic Termination Clauses

    When an employee is terminated and asked to sign a termination letter, they are encouraged to have the letter and their original employment contract reviewed by an employment lawyer first. This is intended as a protective measure for the employee, to prevent them from accepting terms that may be unf … Read more »

  • OHRC Statement on Accommodations for Non-Vaccinated People

    The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released a policy statement on September 22 regarding vaccine certificates and government policies. With the Ontario government’s introduction of the proof of vaccination requirement coming into effect as of September 22, the statement was likely made in an … Read more »

  • Can the WSIB Bar an Employee from Filing a Civil Dismissal Claim?

    When an employee is injured at work, claims often proceed by way of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Once this venue is chosen for the claim, the employee is often precluded from then bringing a second civil claim in court. However, in some cases, an employee may have multiple claims agains … Read more »