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  • Federal Report Makes Labour Code Reform Recommendations

    The federal government has recently completed a review of the country’s federal labour standards, which will be the focus of expected upcoming revisions to the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”). This is a summary of the significant proposals for reform. Minimum Wage This requirement does not exist pre … Read more »

  • Mental Health Issues: When an Employee Does Not Seek Assistance

    There may be instances when an employee’s behaviour or conduct leads an employer to believe that the employee may be suffering a mental health crisis. If the employee raises the issue and seeks assistance or disability leave, there are steps and protocols to follow, including accommodating the emplo … Read more »

  • An Update on Family Status As a Ground for Discrimination

    In a prior post, the differing standards for the test of family status as the basis for workplace discrimination were discussed. While the statutory wording in each jurisdiction is identical, the federal legislation has chosen to impose a more rigorous test on the employee’s case than that required … Read more »

  • Employment Considerations During the Sale of a Business

    A recent Ontario Superior Court decision has spoken to the delicate contractual mechanics of transferring an employee from a selling company to the buyer. In this instance, the selling employer terminated the employment of a 64-year-old welder with 36 years of service. The termination took effect im … Read more »

  • Unjust Dismissal & The Remedy of Reinstatement

    While most employees in Canada who seek damages for being dismissed from their job unfairly will bring an action for wrongful dismissal, those who are employed in federally-regulated industries have a unique scheme to follow. Rather than “wrongful dismissal”, the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”) offe … Read more »