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  • The Sufficiency of Judicial Reasons

    After a litigation loss, the usual client question that follows is “can we appeal?” No one involved in a court battle wants, or likes, to lose. When they do they have a natural need to know why. The “why” is supposed to come from the reasons provided for the decision. Beyond disagreeing with the jud … Read more »

  • An Overview of Health Law Powers in Canada

    Jurisdiction over health law in Canada is a divided responsibility. The federal parliament has jurisdiction as does each province. As a shared power, the dividing line between jurisdictions is not always easy to decipher. This split jurisdiction also leads to many real conflicts. Where this occurs, … Read more »

  • Intrusion Upon Seclusion in Health Law

    The Ontario Court of Appeal (ONCA) released its groundbreaking decision of Jones v. Tsige in 2012. The common law in Ontario for the very first time recognized the right to bring a civil action for damages for an invasion of personal privacy, or intrusion upon seclusion. Until then it was unclear if … Read more »

  • Can an Online Physician Rating be Considered Defamatory?

    In the not-too-distant past, doctors were privately rated by their patients via word of mouth with friends, colleagues and family. Most of this opinion sharing remained contained and had little impact on individual physicians and their reputations. Now, however, there are websites devoted to publicl … Read more »

  • Assessment of Damage Awards in Health Law Actions

    The term “damages” refers to the compensation sought by plaintiffs in their actions against another party, which, in a health law matter, is often one or more health care professionals. The usual cause of action is based on negligence. An assessment of damages is made in every action whether the pla … Read more »