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  • Limits on Physician Access to Hospital Records Even in the Face of Malpractice Litigation

    A recent case from the Divisional Court is an important reminder for physicians that they should not be accessing a patient’s hospital records, even in the context of defending malpractice litigation. In Martin (Estate) v Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, an emergency medicine physician tr … Read more »

  • Proposed Regulatory Changes for Out-Of-Province Regulated Health Professionals

    The Ontario government has announced proposed  regulatory amendments to allow certain Out-Of-Province Regulated Health Professionals (OPRHPs) registered in another Canadian jurisdictions to practice temporarily without being registered with the applicable College in Ontario.   If passed, these regul … Read more »

  • No Damages for Persistent Feelings of Frustration and Anger

    A recent decision from the Court of Appeal for Ontario in Bothwell v. London Health Sciences Centre addresses the legal principles set out by the Supreme Court of Canada for determining whether a claimant has demonstrated a compensable mental injury, clarifying that persistent feelings of frustratio … Read more »

  • The Expansion of Biosimilar Drugs for Ontarians

    On March 31, 2023, the Province of Ontario started its expansion of the use of biosimilar drug treatments for Ontarians. Ontario Drug Benefit (OBD) recipients who are on an originator biologic will begin to transition to a Health Canada-approved biosimilar version of the drug. The transition period … Read more »

  • Motions for Security for Costs

    At the end of a civil proceeding in Ontario, one party will often be ordered to pay costs to the other party. Section 131 of the Courts of Justice Act grants the Court the discretion to determine by whom and to what extent costs shall be paid. Rule 57.01 of the Rules of Civil Procedure outlines gene … Read more »