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  • Defending Against Firearms Hearings and Prohibition Orders

    Defending Against Firearms Hearings and Prohibition OrdersImagine this scenario. You have been charged with a non-firearms offence, but a term of your Recognizance of Bail was to surrender all your firearms to the police until your matter is resolved. You retained experienced counsel, maintained you … Read more »

  • The Defence of Extreme Intoxication, Simplified.

    The Defence of Extreme Intoxication, Simplified. The Case of SullivanThe Ontario Court of Appeal recently struck down a law that prohibited an extreme self-intoxication defence for certain criminal offences. The decision appears to be terribly misunderstood by the public and even the media.  It is s … Read more »

  • R. v. Sullivan: The End of s. 33.1 in Ontario

    R. v. Sullivan: The End of s. 33.1 in OntarioA Criminal Code provision that has been on the books for 25 years is unconstitutional. The Ontario Court of Appeal this week released a monumental decision, declaring that s. 33.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada is unconstitutional and therefore of no forc … Read more »

  • Police Accountability and the Death of George Floyd

    What it Costs to Breathe: The Death of George Floyd and Lessons on Police AccountabilityOn Monday, May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a Black man, was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The frustration felt by so many in the African American community has led to widespread protests … Read more »

  • Restraining Orders and Peace Bonds in Ontario

    Peace Bonds / Restraining Orders In Ontario: How to get one; how to oppose one. S. 810 Recognizance vs Common Law Peace Bond The term “restraining order” is often thrown around in Americanized television and the media. However, a Peace Bond is much broader and complex than an order made by a court t … Read more »