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  • Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX Collapses

    Cryptocurrency is a hot topic. The market is growing rapidly, and investors are eager to get in on the action. However, it’s essential to understand the risks before you jump into this risky market. While cryptocurrency has been around since 2009, it’s only recently that people have become aware of … Read more »

  • Potential Buyers Warned About Property Subject to Proceedings

    When a property is subject to potential litigation, others must be warned before taking steps to purchase it. A recent Ontario case revolved around the planned purchase of a parcel of land that was halted by the defendant. The plaintiff sought to purchase eight acres of undeveloped land from the def … Read more »

  • Court Finds Employee was Constructively Dismissed

    When terminating employees who hold a long tenure of employment, the consequences of wrongful or constructive dismissal can be significant. Therefore, employers must be careful when altering the employment contracts or, or terminating, long-term employees. In a recent case before the Ontario Superio … Read more »

  • Director Granted Leave to Commence Derivative Action

    When a director of a corporation acts in bad faith, the law provides some avenues for relief for other directors. One option available to other directors of the corporation is to commence a derivative action. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently decided the case of Luo v 9477322 Canada Inc … Read more »

  • Employer to Pay Additional Damages in Wrongful Dismissal

    It is always essential for employers to ensure they are terminating employees within the requirements set out by law. It is worth it to carry out a termination in good faith because it can cost the company later on. The employee was terminated after a lifelong career with the employer Pohl v. Hudson … Read more »