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  • Overview of Crypto-Exchange Registration Requirements

     Coinbase, an internationally recognized cryptocurrency exchange, recently obtained registration as a “restricted dealer” by the Canadian Securities Administrators. This registration is the first of its kind for the new Canadian cryptocurrency regulatory guidelines. This blog will provide an overvie … Read more »

  • The Basics of Requisitions in Ontario

    Requisitions are a crucial part of the real estate transaction process in Ontario. These inquiries seek clarification or correction of any issues or discrepancies found during the title search, such as outstanding mortgages, property taxes, and compliance with zoning bylaws. There are a variety of n … Read more »

  • Provincial or Federal Incorporation?

    Incorporating a business federally or provincially in Canada involves distinct processes with varying implications. Federal incorporation provides nationwide recognition and protection of your business name but requires compliance with federal regulations, which can be more costly. Provincial incorp … Read more »

  • Can a Power Of Attorney Dispose of Property That is a Testamentary Gift?

    Generally, a Power of Attorney confers significant authority and power to the appointed individual. In the recent case of McKenzie v Morgan, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (the “Court”) considered whether the Applicant, who was the power of attorney for property and personal care for “RM”, co … Read more »

  • Updates to Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence Legislation in Canada

    The federal government of Canada is taking significant strides to bolster its privacy legislation, recognizing the critical importance of these fields in today’s digital age. With cyber threats on the rise and artificial intelligence (“AI”) technologies evolving rapidly, the need to strengthen Canad … Read more »