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  • Three Rear-End Collisions Without Witnesses or Insurance Fraud?

    Insurance litigation can result from a range of circumstances. For example, an insurance company may claim that it is not required to pay for a particular loss under an insurance policy or that the policyholder has engaged in misrepresentation or missed the applicable limitation period for making a … Read more »

  • Winter Slip and Fall Claims

    Winter is here and with the build-up of snow and ice comes the risk of slipping and falling and potentially sustaining an injury. Injuries may cause serious financial hardship due to medical bills and lost income. This article will review a variety of claims that individuals may bring against reside … Read more »

  • Can You Get an Annulment if You’ve Been Misled into Getting Married?

    Unlike a divorce, an annulment invalidates a marriage and the marriage is treated as if it never existed. However, an annulment is only available in very specific, limited circumstances. This article considers the grounds for, and impacts of, an annulment. A recent decision of the Ontario Superior C … Read more »

  • When a Charitable Bequest in a Will Goes Wrong

    It is fairly common for will-makers (testators) to make bequests to charities in their wills. Such gifts can be a specified sum of money, an identified asset or a portion of the estate. Where there are ambiguities in the language of the will, or the intentions of the testator are otherwise uncertain … Read more »

  • Can you cancel a construction contract?

    Sometimes circumstances change, and one party attempts to cancel or otherwise get out of a contract for a construction project. The other party may claim that this action is a breach of contract, leading to a dispute. This article examines whether it is possible to cancel construction contracts. We … Read more »