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  • From Refugees to Trailblazers

    The path of refugees is often full of hardships- financial and personal losses, separation, loss of identity and fear. Often these people leave more than their possessions behind. Often, they lose their cultural identity and face discrimination, hate and suspicion at the hands of their saviors. In t … Read more »

  • In commemoration of Dennis Fentie, former Yukon premier and prime example of the power of rehabilitation

    It’s possible if you’re not up-to-date on your Canadian politics the name Dennis Fentie might not sound familiar to you, but I can assure you he was a true leader in the Yukon for the territory, the community, and restorative justice. Given his humble nature, Dennis may not have ever fully appreciat … Read more »

  • Canada issues new Invitation to Apply

    Immigrating to Canada can be a confusing business. Depending on the program you want to utilize, and there are many to choose from. It is important to be aware of the rules and regulations for the program you would like to participate in. At AllCleared, we are here to help. Immigration Canada has ju … Read more »

  • How to apply for a Pot Pardon

    If you’ve got a simple pot possession, you’re in luck, there is a whole new pardon system set up for you. Canadians now have a free and expedited way to apply for a pardon for simple cannabis possession. Getting a pot pardon (cannabis record suspension) is an excellent way to start fresh, with a can … Read more »

  • Success is only a Record Suspension away

    At AllCleared we see numerous people with difficult or traumatic pasts turn their lives around for the better. In fact, we hear success stories on a daily basis. Every record suspension (formerly Canadian Pardon) requires a measurable benefit statement as part of the application process. This statem … Read more »