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  • Can You Join The Marines With A Felony?

    Having a felony may make it more difficult to join the Marines though it does not necessarily mean it is impossible. Marine Applicants May Be Able to Apply For a Moral Waiver With The Following Felonies Or Misdemeanours. If you have a felony conviction you may believe you are not to serve due to not … Read more »

  • Do airlines do background checks?

    Having a Criminal Record can hold you back as both a passenger on an airline and as an employee of an airline. As a passenger, a Criminal Record may deem you inadmissible to enter Canada or America. As an airline employee a Criminal Record may not only deem you inadmissible to enter Canada or Americ … Read more »

  • Working from home? You may still need a pardon

    Working from home may be an option even if you have a criminal record. Most employers will conduct a background check, even for employees who are working from home. This issue is much more common than people realize. 1 in 8 Canadians have a criminal record and almost 5 million Canadians are now work … Read more »

  • How do I submit my US waiver (I-192) application during Covid-19?

    The US is not accepting US waiver (I-192) applications at ports of entry due to the travel restrictions imposed by the US and Canadian governments. These travel restrictions are set to expire on March 21st 2021 and are likely to be extended. Click here for more information about travelling to the Un … Read more »

  • Can you get a Pardon for a Sexual Assault?

    You can get a Record Suspension (Pardon) for a Sexual Assault charge (Schedule 1 Offence), BUT it largely depends on when the offence was committed and other criteria. Having a criminal record in general can affect many areas of your life including but not limited to employment opportunities, furthe … Read more »