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  • A Proposed Bill Would Allow Canadian Snowbirds to Visit U.S. For Longer

    A proposed bill, The Canadian Snowbirds Act (S. 2507), would increase the amount of time Canadians can spend in the United States from six to eight months — two months longer than they are currently authorized – without incurring tax penalties. Snowbirds from Canada who can’t get enough of Florida’s … Read more »

  • How does Canada know about my US criminal record?

    When Americans travel across the border into Canada, the border officers will be able to see their criminal record. To guarantee the safety of its citizens, Canada and the United States exchange criminal background information via travel documents. Whether you enter Canada through land, air or sea, … Read more »

  • Travelling to Canada with a Dismissed DUI Charge

    If a person has been arrested for drunk driving but was found not guilty (acquitted), never faced criminal charges, or had the DUI charges completely withdrawn, entry into Canada may be possible if they can demonstrate the good outcome to border officials. When someone is arrested and fingerprinted, … Read more »

  • Can I Travel to Canada with a Criminal Record DUI?

    Any United States citizen or permanent resident with a criminal record may be denied entrance to Canada due to criminal inadmissibility. Following 9/11, the US and Canada began sharing an increasing quantity of information for security purposes, and as of 2010, the FBI criminal database is synchroni … Read more »

  • New Pardon Legislation and Pardon Eligibility

    New Pardon Legislation under Bill C-31 proposes revisions to the Criminal Records Act that further remove barriers for individuals with criminal records who have served their terms and are otherwise law abiding. A pardon can mean the difference between successfully reintegrating into society or retu … Read more »