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  • Uber background checks: Can you drive with a criminal record?

    Earlier this week, we had a guest writer give insight about the current standing of Uber in BC, (because it is long overdue in this province) and it made me think that this blog could most certainly do with an overhaul. Uber Eats and Uber have proven to be great employment options for many people du … Read more »

  • Criminal record: How long does it last?

    Updated There are many different kinds of criminal records and the length of a criminal record depends on the type. Most importantly, if you have been convicted of a criminal offence, it can last for life if you don’t do anything about it. This is the most common type of record that AllCleared helps … Read more »

  • DUI travel: Where can you go with a record?

    Attitudes toward DUI travel vary throughout the world. There is no doubt that drinking and driving is dangerous. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention says that 28 Americans are killed in crashes involving impaired drivers every single day. MADD Canada says that on average 4 Canadians per da … Read more »

  • Can you get into Canada with a DUI?

    For those looking to enter Canada with a DUI, entry is possible when you complete the requirements and provide the necessary documentation. If you have past charges for drinking and driving or driving while impaired that leads to a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) you would probably be found crimin … Read more »

  • A Trusted Pardon Company with Enhanced Legal Services

    About Us AIICleared has been an advocate for people with criminal records nationally since 1989 – established as the first and longest-running pardon company in Canada. Formerly known as Pardon Services Canada, our name change was inspired by our enhanced immigration services. The company was founde … Read more »