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  • Essential Guide to Estate Planning in Calgary

    It is a myth that you only need an estate plan if you are wealthy and own a business. Estate planning is an essential task if you have assets to your name as it can protect not only these assets but the beneficiaries you wish to leave them to. At Spectrum Family Law in Calgary, we have assisted coun … Read more »

  • Child Support Guidelines for Parents in Alberta

    Child support orders can drastically affect parents for years to come. Whether you are paying child support or receiving it, it is important to understand your legal rights in this matter. Inappropriate child support orders can hurt your personal finances for years to come. They can also hurt your r … Read more »

  • Separation & Divorce and the Effects on Children

    Who does separation and divorce hit hardest? Nobody goes through a marriage breakup without some kind of fallout but the emotional impact on children can be especially severe. What are the potential effects on your children if you separate and how can you make the transition smoother? The emotional … Read more »

  • 7 Guidelines for Divorced & Separated Parents Sharing Custody During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Learn More → COVID-19: For Alberta Parents & Child Support Learn More → COVID-19: Information for Children Like a thief in the night, we never saw this coming. The Covid 19 pandemic is the unseen common enemy that has wreaked unprecedented havoc around the world, leaving a trail of disaster, deaths, … Read more »

  • The Impact Divorce Can Have On Your Family & Mental Health

    If you’re going through a separation or divorce, you don’t need anyone to tell you that it can all get stressful. The sleepless nights, the lack of appetite, and the worries about what’s best for the children tell you that. You may put a brave face on to the world because that’s what you’re “meant t … Read more »