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  • What Happens When Probating a Will in Alberta?

    In Alberta, before a personal representative can start distributing assets to the beneficiaries named in a will, the will must usually pass probate. Probate is a court process that validates the legality of a will. It takes a little time and money and is usually done at a time when the family is gri … Read more »

  • What to Consider During a Common Law Separation in Alberta?

    If you are in a common law relationship in Alberta and decide to separate from your partner, you may be wondering which laws apply when you arrange the separation agreement. With divorces, most people understand that there are specific Alberta laws used to address issues such as marital property div … Read more »

  • Maintenance Enforcement Program in Calgary

    Sometimes, despite a court order being issued, stipulating child, spousal or partner support to be paid by one ex-partner to another, payments are not made. For the recipient or the payor, financial hardship may result from the situation. The Alberta family law system treats this seriously, especial … Read more »

  • What Will Happen If You Die Without a Will in Alberta?

    Most people understand the need for a will to protect loved ones after they die – but surprisingly few Albertans write a will until they enter their later years. A 2018 Angus-Reid poll found that only 35 percent of Canadians have an up-to-date will and only 51 percent have a will at all. Consequentl … Read more »

  • How to Get Full Custody of Your Child in Alberta

    In divorces where there are children to consider, custody is nearly always the overriding issue. Every parent wants what’s best for their children, but that is very subjective, and it can be difficult for two separating parents to agree on. When one parent wants “full” or “sole” custody of a child i … Read more »