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  • Are Layoffs Legal In Ontario?

    Although a layoff seems to be similar to a permanent dismissal, the two concepts are actually quite different. While a dismissal implies a permanent cessation of employment, a layoff in Ontario is typically intended to be temporary in nature. When an employer places an employee on layoff, it is with … Read more »

  • What Should Employees Do If They Are Harassed At Work?

    Employees who experience harassment, or are harassed at work, can have a difficult time managing the situation, and in reality, should not handle the situation on their own. Employers have an obligation to address harassment in the workplace, and in many cases, can face steep financial repercussions … Read more »

  • Can Employees Receive EI If They Are Wrongfully Dismissed?

    Between recent workplace vaccination mandates and pandemic related economic downturn, employees are increasingly being wrongfully dismissed from their employment. While some may be curious about what they are entitled to in severance from their employer, many are more anxious to learn how they will … Read more »

  • Can Employers Change Job Duties in the Workplace?

    When applying for a new job, employers will typically provide prospective employees with job descriptions that outline the responsibilities of the position. Sometimes, employees may find themselves without a job description. Instead, some employees may assume duties over time that make up the core o … Read more »

  • Should Employees Resign If They Think They’ve Been Constructively Dismissed?

    Termination from employment, whether with or without cause, is typically explicit and undeniable. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of the Infectious Disease Emergency Leave regulation passed under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, many employees and employers became acquainted wi … Read more »