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  • The Value of Ontario Personal Injury Firms Just Went Up

    As recently reported here, Juries are being eliminated for simplified procedure claims, where damages are typically $100,000 or less. This is due to a January 1, 2020 change to the Courts of Justice Act, affecting cases where a Jury notice has not been delivered. This change will have a noticeable i … Read more »

  • Discontinuance or Dismissal?

    A common term of settlement is that the case will be dismissed on consent and without costs. This is a formality to close off the case before the Courts. It’s common to indicate who will obtain the order and usually it’s the defendant. The motion is a straightforward procedural matter within the jur … Read more »

  • No more Juries for Rule 76 actions

    Effective January 1, 2020, there will be no more Juries for Rule 76 claims. Presently, simplified procedure Rule 76 is for claims between $25,001 and $100,000. The change is being made to section 108 of the Courts of Justice Act, which concerns Jury trials. Like all changes, this comes with its pros … Read more »

  • Witnesses and Personal Injury Pre-Trial Conferences

    Plaintiff personal injury lawyers have typically developed excellent systems for gathering and managing documents. Sometimes witnesses are an afterthought and the first time a list of witnesses is created is at a pre-trial conference. It is good practice to build and maintain a list of witness durin … Read more »

  • Class Actions in Ontario and Canada

    The 3 goals of class proceedings aka class actions are understood to be: Judicial economy – a single class action is more efficient than potentially hundreds or thousands of individual cases; Access to justice – many claims are too complex or expensive for an individual claimant to be feasible; and … Read more »