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  • How to Prepare an Affidavit of Documents

    One step in the discovery process is preparing an affidavit of documents, which involves gathering, naming, organising and indexing all documents relevant to a case. The key steps in preparing an affidavit of documents is as follows: Gather all relevant documents; Scan all hard copies so everything … Read more »

  • The Rule in Browne v. Dunn

    Browne v. Dunn is an English decision from the House of Lords in 1893. It remains good law today and is important for cross-examination. It is sometimes (erroneously) referred to as the rule in Brown v. Dunn or even Brown v. Dunne. You are not alone if you have forgotten or misplaced the “e” in Brow … Read more »

  • How to Value a Personal Injury Claim

    The VAST Claims Methodology provides a framework for valuing, assembling, settling and trying civil actions. This article zeros in on the “V” in VAST – valuation – as applied to personal injury claims. How do lawyers value personal injury claims, such as motor vehicle accidents (MVA), slip and falls … Read more »

  • Good Faith: the story of Harish Bhasin, Larry Hrynew and the Canadian American Financial Corp.

    In 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada recognised good faith as a general organising principle of the common law of contract and that there is a common law duty of honesty when it comes to carrying out contracts. In short, when it comes to contracts, all parties must act in good faith and honestly. On … Read more »

  • Norbert Fred Rondel and Honour

    There was an outburst of violence. Manning was severely injured. His hand was so damaged that it had to have nine stitches. And he lost the lobe of his right ear. The plaintiff [Rondel] admits that he did it, but he says that he was attacked by Manning. He was looking for prostitution and acted in s … Read more »