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  • Steps in a Superior Court Civil Application in Ontario

    A “civil application” is a process for some lawsuits in Ontario. A more common process is known as a “civil action” and is discussed at this link. This article will discuss “civil applications” and in brief the steps are as follows: Notice of application Supporting evidence by affidavit Notice of ap … Read more »

  • Summons or Subpoena?

    In Canada, the term summons is commonly used for civil, family, tribunal and arbitration proceedings. The term subpoena is commonly used for criminal proceedings. To compel a witness to testify at a trial or hearing, a summons or subpoena is used. For the party calling the witness, it is necessary t … Read more »

  • How to Collect a Judgment

    It is important for both plaintiffs and defendants to know about how to enforce a judgment. This article will detail some of the most common methods. The starting point for collection is to have the final order or judgment issued and entered by the Court, which enables it to be enforced. The Courts … Read more »

  • Who Can Represent Me in Court?

    This article addresses who can represent someone in Court or before a Tribunal in Ontario. The foundational law is Ontario’s Law Society Act which at sections 1(6), 1(7) and 1(8) defines what providing legal services are. The by-laws under the Law Society Act and in particular by-law 4 provides furt … Read more »

  • How to Adjourn a Trial

    Trials can generally be adjourned on consent. Adjournment requests get more complicated where the other side does not agree. Adjournments on Consent For a variety of reasons, parties may agreed to adjourn a trial on consent. One side will usually request the other side’s consent by email or letter, … Read more »