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  • What Does “Crimes Against The Person” Mean?

    Violent crimes carry with them some of the most serious punishments in Canada’s Criminal Code. According to Statistics Canada, crimes against the person are acts or threats of violence to another individual. These charges include behaviours like assault, sexual assault, homicide, attempted murder, a … Read more »

  • Major vs. Minor Traffic Convictions

    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of immense dread when your call is pulled over. You have to worry about whether you’re about to face a minor or major conviction for your actions. Some offences will count as demerits and increase your insurance rates, while others will only involve a fine or t … Read more »

  • What Are The Levels Of Court In Canada?

    Not all cases are handled in the same court; in most of Canada, there is a tiered system to hear various types of trials. In all provinces and territories of Canada (except for one), there are three levels of court: the Supreme Court of Canada, Superior Courts, and Lower/Territorial/Provincial Court … Read more »

  • The Police Are Asking For My DNA

    Have you been approached by the police and asked for a DNA sample? There may be several reasons for this: they may want to determine whether or not you were present at a crime scene, rule you out as a suspect, or to test if you have been driving under the influence. You may be wondering if you have … Read more »

  • When Can The Police Stop Me & Question Me?

    Knowing your rights is the best way to protect yourself against unjust criminal charges. As a citizen, you may be wondering what you can do if a police officer begins to question you. Defend yourself against criminal prosecution –  know your options if you are stopped and interrogated by police, and … Read more »