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  • The Duty of ConfidentialityJuly 16, 2018

    Trusting your attorney can be a difficult thing, particularly if they are someone that you have never met before. Most people are aware that their lawyer has some obligation to protect the information that they disclose through the attorney-client privilege, but is that the only thing that protects … Read more »

  • Testing for Marijuana ImpairmentJuly 9, 2018

    When a police officer pulls someone over for suspected drunk driving, they can use a breathalyzer to determine someone’s level of impairment. This estimates a driver’s blood alcohol content based on the amount still on their breath. Many people mistakenly believe that this same system can be used to … Read more »

  • Controversial Stuff About Bill C-75July 2, 2018

    A lot of media coverage has been given to the newly released Bill C-75 that was written to help reduce the wait time in Canadian courts. At face value, this new bill promises to deliver a speedier trial that many people could benefit from. Forcing courts to give people trials in a reasonable amount … Read more »

  • Impact of a Criminal RecordJune 25, 2018

    You thought that you already served the time for your latest crime, but you might not be done just yet. Having a criminal record will impact you for the rest of your life, no matter how you attempt to live your life to the contrary. Even once your sentence is over, the impact of it will follow you f … Read more »

  • PardonsJune 18, 2018

    Do you wish that you could get your DUI off of your criminal record? Fortunately, driving under the influence is one of the most commonly pardoned crimes in the country. You can go back to living your life almost as if the crime never happened. However, you need to understand fully how his program w … Read more »