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  • Controlled Drugs & Substances Act: Legislative History

    Have you ever wondered how the current laws came to pass? Understanding the legislative history of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act can help you better understand what you risk by breaking the law. It also helps you acknowledge what activities and what drugs are specifically against the law i … Read more »

  • Criminal Defence Lawyer Launches Video Consultation Service To Assist Clients During COVID-19 Restrictions

    WINNIPEG, Canada – Matt Gould, a partner of the Winnipeg criminal defence law firm, Brodsky, Amy & Gould is today delighted to announce the launch of an innovative new video consultation service they are providing to solve a problem that many clients and potential clients are facing due to the curre … Read more »

  • What is Domestic Violence?

    While many people have a firm understanding of what constitutes assault or threats of violence against a stranger, their definition of domestic violence can be a little hazier. There are unique charges that can be brought against you for threatening or acting out against someone who is close to you … Read more »

  • Conditions Of Parole

    When facing serious charges, sometimes there is no way around imprisonment. Even with the best criminal lawyer in Winnipeg, some offences are too serious for you to avoid consequences altogether. It is best to know that you do have some other avenues to explore if this applies to you. If you have to … Read more »

  • What is Blood Alcohol Concentration?

    Many people enjoy going out on the town to have a few drinks with friends, but they do not know where to draw the line before they drive home. Professionals and law enforcement use your blood alcohol concentration to determine when you’re too impaired to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunate … Read more »