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  • Can I Be Charged For Using A Canoe, Kayak, Or Paddle Board While Impaired?

    Is it possible to actually be charged with criminal activity if you’re caught canoeing while intoxicated? And what about kayaking when impaired by cannabis? Here’s the short answer: yes, it’s possible to get a fine or even jail time for rowing a paddleboard or boat while impaired by alcohol or drugs … Read more »

  • Can I Have Pot in My Car?

    In Canada, when marijuana was legalized, many laws were updated or created. Even though there’ve been concerns regarding impaired driving from marijuana, there does not tend to be a massive increase in such charges. But, from October 2018 to February 2019, around 75 percent of cannabis-associated dr … Read more »

  • What Happens When You’re Charged with Domestic Assault?

    Upon Arrest As the police arrest somebody for a domestic assault, they either can choose to release you or make the decision to keep you in custody. If you’ve been charged with domestic assault, and want to talk with an attorney about your options, it’s possible to contact the Winnipeg criminal lawy … Read more »

  • CBD Products

    The post-legalization world has been…interesting, to say the least. You really get a good glimpse into how wild a lawyer’s work can be when you follow all the threads that make up the framework of our new, legal cannabis world. One of these threads is the sudden prevalence of CBD in, well, everythin … Read more »

  • Winnipeg Criminal Defense Lawyer Highlights The Importance Of Employing An Experienced and Driven Attorney

    Winnipeg CA – Matt Gould, an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer, based in Winnipeg Canada, is urging anyone who is arrested to consult with a criminal defence attorney at the earliest possible opportunity once they have been arrested. The reality of the criminal justice system is that in the overwh … Read more »