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  • Court of Appeal Weighs in on College Investigations

    Must regulated professionals always comply with a College’s investigation of their practice, and when is it appropriate to seek review of an administrative decision maker’s process? In College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario v. Kilian, the Ontario Court of Appeal provides guidance on these que … Read more »

  • OCP Warns about Patient Privacy in Electronic Messaging

    In May 2023, the Ontario College of Pharmacists (“OCP”) noted that it has been seeing an increase in the use of unsecured electronic methods by pharmacy professionals. These include communications with other pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and patients for purposes such as information gatheri … Read more »

  • February 2024 Rosen Sunshine Newsletter

    The February 2024 issue of Rosen Sunshine’s newsletter includes:Elyse Sunshine Returns to Lincoln Alexander School of LawRosen Sunshine Welcomes Law Student Melina FazzariThe Last Word in Peterson v the College of PsychologistsVideo Series: #2 How we Help our ClientsAnd more…Subscribe here. … Read more »

  • The Last Word in Peterson v the College of Psychologists

    We previously wrote about the decision in Peterson v College of Psychologists of Ontario, in which Dr. Peterson applied for judicial review of a decision of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (the “ICRC”) of the College of Psychologists of Ontario that he complete a Specified Continuing … Read more »

  • January 2024 Rosen Sunshine Newsletter

    The January 2024 issue of Rosen Sunshine’s newsletter includes:Rosen Sunshine Launches New Video Series‘Lessons from Lauzon’ Blog Post Featured in CNAR NewsletterRosen Sunshine’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2023And more…Subscribe here. … Read more »