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  • Legal (Library) Tech

    Legal technology has never been more in the spotlight than it is now. In 2018, investments in legal technology companies reached US $1 billion. Then, just days into the new year, a new $200 million investment was announced in a single legal tech company, signaling yet another record year for legal t … Read more »

  • New Exhibition: Nahum Gelber Law Library: 20 Years

    2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the current home of the McGill Law Library. This spectacular building named after one of our alumni and generous donor, Nahum Gelber, opened its doors for students 20 years ago, in September 1998. To celebrate this occasion, we offer to our visitors a new exhibitio … Read more »

  • New “Well-being Collection” at the Law Library

    In 2016, we started a “de-stress zone” at the Law Library, where we provide puzzles for students to help them relax. This initiative has been very successful with a great majority of our students. A few weeks ago, we received a suggestion by some law students to add some reading material to this are … Read more »

  • New Database: Oxford International Organizations

    Oxford International Organizations is first database for analyzing and understanding key documents of international organizations. Each document is accompanied by a concise expert commentary. In order to capture the full bearing of international organizations on various substantive areas of internat … Read more »

  • New Exhibition: Hommage à Paul-André Crépeau.

    To honour the life and work of the late Professor Paul-André Crépeau (1926-2011) and to commemorate a generous donation of his research archives and private library to McGill University, the Nahum Gelber Law Library opens a new exhibition: Hommage à Paul-André Crépeau. “Professor Crépeau was one of … Read more »

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