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  • À la découverte: La bibliothèque du Code civil de la province de Québec

    Par: George Yeryomin, étudiant à la Faculté de droit de l’Université McGill, assistant de référence à la Bibliothèque Gelber Le droit civil en tant que tradition juridique s’étend sur plus de deux millénaires et demie d’histoire depuis la fondation de Rome, et ses principes et sa doctrine se trouven … Read more »

  • Access to Jus Mundi database, thanks to the Wainwright Fund

    Thanks to the generosity of the Wainwright Fund, the library is pleased to announce yet another new database subscription, this time to Jus Mundi – Academic Research, by Brill. Subscribing to this new and innovative award-winning database was a priority for the library, as it caters directly to two … Read more »

  • Accès à la Bibliothèque numérique Dalloz, grâce au Fonds Wainwright

    La bibliothèque tient à remercier le Fonds Wainwright pour sa contribution à l’achat de deux accès simultanés à la Bibliothèque numérique Dalloz. Given the importance of Civil Law research at McGill’s Faculty of Law, we determined that had to make more digital legal materials from France available t … Read more »

  • Looking back on 38 years of service: an interview with Anne Avery

    After 38 years working in the McGill Library system, our colleague Anne Avery will be retiring at the end of the year. Anne came to the Gelber as a library assistant in October 2006 from the McLennan Library, and has been a pillar of our library ever since. Members of the McGill Law community will r … Read more »

  • Law library services and resources during the pandemic

    This blog post has been adapted from our recent From the Gelber columns in the Quid Novi. Edit: this blog post was edited on October 26th, 2020, to include the reactivation of our article/ chapter scan service, and on November 26th, to update our study hub hours and add book return information. Whil … Read more »