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  • $80,000 for loss of housekeeping capacity

    As a brief summary to this case, this decision is an excellent case to review. It relates to both past and future loss of housekeeping capacity.  What is important is to pay attention to how the Court analyzed every segment of the claim based on the Plaintiff’s limitations, which improved over time, … Read more »

  • Witnesses at Trial – Preparation

    Let’s review a recent decision in which liability is in issue.  As we know, the Court will rely on witness statements to assist with their finding of facts, which will in turn, assist with the determination of fault. In this article, we are going to pay attention to the Court’s comments in relation … Read more »

  • Accommodations in the Workplace

    Under the legislation in B.C., the definition of “serious impairment” should be known by everyone who works in personal injury law.  Here is the definition as noted in the Insurance (Vehicle) Act [R.S.B.C. 1996] Chapter 231, Part 7 – Minor Injuries: “serious impairment”, in relation to a claimant, m … Read more »

  • Court’s message to the profession – assessment of costs

    This application to assess the Plaintiff’s Bill of Costs was not properly handled and it resulted in a message from the Court to the profession in how to proceed on these types of applications going forward. If you read enough published cases, you start to see what is expected in any matter before t … Read more »

  • Consolidation – Actions to be tried at the same time

    We are going to review a recent defence application referenced as Hendricks v. Xie, 2019 BCSC 1034 (CanLii) seeking an Order to have two actions tried at the same time, which did not succeed.  We will summarize the arguments of both parties and take a look at the Court’s analysis and conclusion. Fac … Read more »

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