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  • CRT – Minor Injury Determination

    Under the Civil Resolution Tribunal, a decision has been published – it is the only one under Minor Injury Determinations.  It is referenced as Naqvi v. ICBC, 2020 BCCRT 995 published on September 4, 2020. I have spoken to many individuals in the last few months that have indicated that they have sp … Read more »

  • Bill 9 – 2020: Evidence Amendment Act, 2020

    For ease of reference,  the amendments to Rule 11-8 of the BC Supreme Court Rules were deemed unconstitutional.  Review our detailed article on this topic Rule-11-8 “Unconstitutional and of no force or effect.” These are updates for ease of reference, which include Bill 9 Evidence Amendment Act, 202 … Read more »

  • Over 9 Million Awarded for Serious Brain Injury

    A recent BCSC decision awards a man $9,076,854.19 for a serious brain injury he sustained on Jan. 31, 2014.  The accident occurred on the Coquihalla Highway, which is never a pleasant drive in Winter conditions.  Mr Uy was only 39 years old at the time of the collision, leaving him with significant … Read more »


    ICBC’s new data has identified the Top 10 Crash Sites in BC’s Lower Mainland. It appears that Surrey residents and anyone that travels on Surrey Roads should take extra precaution, as the majority of the Top 10 crash sites are located in that jurisdiction.  Not a surprise when you consider Surrey is … Read more »

  • Videoconferencing in Law “It’s 2020.”

    It’s 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a forced evolution upon all of us working in the legal profession.  We have been forced to work remotely and to learn how to be efficient and productive.  Some law firms have not transitioned to a paper less system, but have been forced to do so in … Read more »