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  • Assault Case leads to high award

    Case link noted below. The Plaintiff in this action was brutally assaulted and commenced this action in tort after the Defendant was found guilty of assault and confinement.  The Judge found the Plaintiff to be credible and reliable at trial. We have written multiple articles on the topic of credibi … Read more »

  • Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and Cardio-thoracic Surgeons

    We are enumerating information below outlining the distinction between cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardio-thoracic surgeons.  We have also noted the common types of conditions that each medical discipline manages and they types of tests conducted.  The links to the sites are also noted below … Read more »

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations and Vocational Assessments

    When are “functional” and “vocational” services helpful?  According to several decisions, we are sharing the following extracted information regarding these two assessments, which often go hand-in hand: Functional capacity evaluation (“FCE”) will provide objective data for assessing a Plaintiff’s cu … Read more »

  • Questionnaires of an IME, Points to consider

    This is a Defence application pertaining to Questionnaires of an IME. There are a few points of consideration that were identified in this application that we will enumerate below. The issue between the parties in this application pertained to the Questionnaires.  The Court made an Order that the Qu … Read more »

  • Is Expert Evidence required to prove a breach of the Standard of Care?

    We will review a “No evidence” application to the Court by the Defendant in this recent decision.  The question to be determined is whether expert evidence is required to prove a standard of care and breach of a standard of care?  There are differing views on this important question and our article … Read more »