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  • Part 7 Accident Benefits – Must be “necessary”

    As of May 1, 2021, British Columbia has moved to a no-fault system.  BC residents are entitled to receive benefits for their injuries and wage loss after a motor vehicle crash regardless of who is at fault.  An injured person, in most cases, will no longer recover damages from an “at-fault” driver t … Read more »


    This is truly remarkable news to see the recent publication made by the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (please see below for article and published guidelines).  As noted, these technical guidelines are the first published by any expert society globally in a decade.  I am very proud to work … Read more »

  • SPECT Scans – Game Changer for Mild to Moderate Brain Injuries

    The Law Times has published an article dated May 13, 2021 By Mallory Hendry – entitled Mapping “invisible injury” of the brain.  The sponsored article is by David McDonald, a personal injury lawyer at Thomson Rogers LLP and is enumerated here: David MacDonald, a personal injury lawyer at Thomson Rog … Read more »

  • Central Sensitivity Syndromes – Learn More about CSS

    What are central sensitivity syndromes (“CSS”)? CSS are illnesses that are debilitating and very difficult to diagnose for the sole fact that there are no tests that may be administered to conclude a definitive diagnosis. Examples of central sensitivity syndromes are myalgic encephalomyelitis, chron … Read more »

  • Use of SPECT at Trial / mTBI Cases

    Article by Priscilla Cicek – SPECT scans at trial Published by The Lawyer’s Daily, part of Lexis Nexis Canada Inc. Personal Injury How do you approach case dealing with mild traumatic brain injury? (December 15, 2020, 2:21 PM EST) — In our previous article “Considerations for Concussion/Mild Traumat … Read more »