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  • Ontario releases Changing Workplaces Review final reportMay 26, 2017

    Employers should expect possible changes to employment standards legislation and labour relations legislation. The Special Advisors to the Ontario government’s Changing Workplaces Review have released their Final Report. The Final Report proposes 173 amendments to the Employment Standards Act, … Con … Read more »

  • Employee misconduct and social mediaMay 23, 2017

    As technology continues to blur the line between personal and professional life, employers increasingly find themselves dealing with the impact of social media on the employment relationship.  Not only can social media activity provide evidence of employee misconduct outside the … Continue Reading … Read more »

  • Federal Budget 2017: how to plan for changes to parental employment insurance benefitsApril 24, 2017

    On March 22, 2017, the federal government tabled the 2017-2018 federal budget. The budget not only included an increase in employment insurance premiums (increasing by $0.05 to $1.68 per every $100 of insurable earnings), but also included a proposal to … Continue Reading … Read more »

  • Canada’s first look at proxy access shareholder proposalsApril 20, 2017

    Shareholders of the Toronto-Dominion Bank (“TD Bank”) and the Royal Bank of Canada (“RBC”) voted in the last few weeks on shareholder proposals made to confer additional proxy access rights to shareholders in the nomination of directors to the respective … Continue Reading … Read more »

  • Mitigating damages is an employee’s duty, but employers should helpApril 3, 2017

    In the employment context, the duty to mitigate requires employees who have been terminated with or without notice to take all reasonable steps to minimize losses suffered as a result of the end of employment. Mitigation applies in the context … Continue Reading … Read more »