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  • Get Financial Assistance or Debt Forgiveness Through a Debt Relief Program

    With the rising cost of living due to inflation, and with several Government COVID pandemic financial assistance programs drawing to a close, you may be wondering what happens next with your personal finances. Will you be able to find the help you need? Can you get financial assistance or debt forgi … Read more »

  • Should I Withdraw My RSPs to Pay Down Debt?

    On occasion when we are talking with people we find out that, before meeting with us, they arranged to cash out all or part of their retirement savings plan (RSP) and use the proceeds towards their debt. However, it was not enough and they are still in financial difficulties. Was it the right thing … Read more »

  • Vancouver Island Debt Relief

    If you are living on Vancouver Island you have much to be thankful for. For that matter, anywhere along the west coast of BC is a wonderful spot. That can be hard to keep in perspective when the pressure is mounting over your unpaid bills and debt collectors have started to phone. You may be wonderi … Read more »

  • Understanding the Bankruptcy Mediation Process

    One of the options for obtaining relief from your debts is to file for Bankruptcy protection. This can sometimes be the most practical option when a consolidation loan or a Consumer Proposal just does not fit your circumstances. When you file an assignment into Bankruptcy you are required to report … Read more »

  • How Your Income Tax Return Is Filed During Bankruptcy

    With another tax year in the books, I have recently noticed an increase in questions relating to personal income tax returns. I thought to myself “What a perfect topic for my next blog”. Hopefully, the following will be helpful in understanding how your tax returns are filed during Bankruptcy. Diffe … Read more »