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  • Back to School Road Safety Tips

    September is here and kids are back at school across Ontario! Every year, the return to school prompts an influx of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and other traffic, which increases the risk of collisions involving children. Understandably, this is a nervous time of year for car accident lawyers an … Read more »

  • Montreal Police Handed Out Thousands More Cycling Tickets Than Toronto Colleagues

    Cycling safety is a major concern in cities across Canada. In Ottawa, for example, activists and bicycle accident lawyers are calling for change following the deaths of three cyclists since May. In Toronto, road safety protestors recently transformed a strip of The Danforth to reduce risks to vulner … Read more »

  • Provincial Government Commits to Southern Ontario Road Safety Changes

    Last April, we discussed situations in which governments are liable for car accident injuries. As our article emphasized, human error is the most common cause of motor vehicle accidents, but in rare cases car accident lawyers may pursue compensation from governments for negligence relating to road m … Read more »

  • Slow Progress in Toronto’s Fight for Road Safety

    Yet another cluster of car accidents involving vulnerable road users rocked Toronto last week and reignited the conversation around road safety. On July 30 alone, a 50-year-old man was seriously injured by an impaired driver in the downtown core and three pedestrians were struck by vehicles in under … Read more »

  • Slip and falls are common among Canadian seniors

    Slip and fall lawyers tend to worry that people underestimate the potential severity of slip and fall accidents. Although most falls are fairly innocuous, particularly among healthy young people, they are still a common source of serious injuries and hospitalizations, especially among Canadian senio … Read more »