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  • Court of Appeal Decision Gives Accident Victims More Time to Claim Catastrophic Accident Benefits

    Late last year, the Ontario Court of Appeal delivered a decision in Tomec v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company that may benefit certain catastrophically impaired accident victims and the personal injury lawyers that represent them. A December article from Law Times explains the specifics of the ca … Read more »

  • Litigation Guardians, Explained

    Anyone can be hurt in an accident, including people under the age of 18 and individuals who are mentally incapable of making important decisions about their wellbeing. Injury victims who fall into these categories are known as ‘parties under a disability’; when a person under a disability wants to f … Read more »

  • Was Toronto Police Fairly Criticized for Giving Road Safety Armbands to Seniors?

    Toronto police were criticized in late November for handing out reflective armbands to seniors at a road safety event. Some seniors’ advocates, road safety experts, and even personal injury lawyers criticized the initiative as a form of victim-blaming. The onus for preventing injuries to vulnerable … Read more »

  • Canada’s Impaired and Distracted Driving Stats are Incomplete

    Impaired driving fatalities have declined across North America for several years. Distracted driving fatalities, meanwhile, have increased. Both events remain major points of emphasis for law enforcement officials and personal injury lawyers alike; together, they account for many of the fatal accide … Read more »

  • Toronto Taps Police to Help with Vision Zero Goals

    The City of Toronto has a persistent road safety problem, despite continuing and vocal public concern and the implementation of the ambitious Vision Zero road safety plan. Toronto car accident lawyers have witnessed the issue firsthand: between 2013 and 2018, collisions in the city rose from roughly … Read more »