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  • Court Reminds Parties Against Rhetorical Excess

    Family law litigation can be an expensive and stressful, which is one of the reasons NuLaw offers alternative dispute and mediation services. It’s not uncommon for the personal differences between two parties to lead to excessive litigation tactics. In a recent decision from the Ontario Superior Cou … Read more »

  • Husband’s Challenge Of Marriage Agreement Goes To Appeal

    Marriage contracts, often referred to in day-to-day conversation as “prenups” are agreements between to people entering a marriage that outlines certain details about their finances and property in the event the relationship breaks down. They’re an effective way to protect assets should this occur, … Read more »

  • Estate and Son of Deceased Argue About Whether Land Was Given

    For many young couples, having parents who are able to help with the purchase of a first home can be an extremely helpful way to start their journey together as a family. However, it’s important to remember that there are details in such arrangements that are important to address. In a recent decisi … Read more »

  • How A Parent’s Move Can Impact Access Schedules

    For parents who are divorced or separated, the start of the school year can bring with it conflict in a relationship that is otherwise free of it. Of course, parents are not the only ones who experience feelings of stress during these moments. Switching schools or changing parenting schedules can be … Read more »

  • Financial Urgency During COVID-19

    We have blogged in the past about the approach courts have been taking during COVID-19 to determine if a family law matter is urgent enough to be hold while the courts were largely closed. Most of our blogs on this topic dealt with the safety or health of children. That said, financial issues can al … Read more »