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  • “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”  

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”    Walter Scott, Marmion  Dealing with the allegation(s) of misrepresentation is a difficult task. In many ways, dealing with misrepresentation is harder than dealing with criminality. The consequences for a finding of misrepresent … Read more »

  • IAD to resume doing the job that was not affected by COVID

    IAD has informed us that they will now resume doing the part of the job that was minimally impacted by COVID19. Thank you kindly; this sacrifice in this time of crisis will not be forgotten. This is most considerate given the anxiety that my clients have been feeling. I know this must be difficult f … Read more »

  • Corona and Canadian Immigration

    COVID (and our response to the pandemic) has changed our lives and the assumptions we made in the course of our lives. I think it’s essentially impossible to know the medium term impact on immigration. There is of course plenty of prognostication and prediction: But as the nation’s economy plunges i … Read more »

  • AINP update

    Important update from the AINP: “Candidates and nominees must advise the AINP of any changes to their employment. For candidates, information about change in employment must be emailed to the AINP program officer if the application is in process or mailed to the AINP along with the AINP file number … Read more »

  • Immigration Fees to go up at the end of April

    More bad news for many immigrants/prospective immigrants to Canada.  Fees are to increase -a number of applications will see increases in the order of 50% starting April 30, 2020.  It will now cost you more to bring your spouse/partner to join you here in Canada ($825 instead of $550 for the applica … Read more »