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  • Dealing with delay on your immigration file

    It is very frustrating to experience delay on your immigration file. There is an option if you’re tired of waiting. We are filing many demands for IRCC to finalize applications. The pandemic is now mostly an excuse. We are seeing positive outcomes with as formal demand and if necessary applications … Read more »

  • Inadmissibility Law and Remedies

    It was a pleasure collaborating with my co-author Aris Daghighian in writing a text on the Canadian Inadmissibility Law and Remedies. There is no facet of immigration practice more complex and consequential than inadmissibility. The purpose of this text is to assist counsel in navigating the law sur … Read more »

  • The Way of the Litigator

    Comparisons between litigation and war/battle approach cliché; nevertheless there are many parallels between the litigator and the warrior. A court room, like the battlefield may well be the crucible that separates the charlatan or fraud from the real expert.  “…The good news is there’s hope … hop … Read more »

  • Parents/Grandparents 2021 sponsorship process

    This year IRCC will pull 30,000 “interest to sponsor” forms from the remaining 2020 pool. The draw will take place the week of September 20, 2021. Those who submitted their interests last year, may have a chance this year. They’ll need to keep an eye out for their emails for the invites. https://www … Read more »

  • Afghan Resettlement Options

    SUPPORTING AFGHAN NATIONALS   To help address the growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the Government of Canada has announced two special immigration programs to help resettle Afghans to Canada. You may be eligible for one of two special programs: Immigration program for Afghan nationals, and … Read more »