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  • Interview on AM630CHED Discussing Trudeau Blackface and Immigration Process and Screening

    J’lyn Nye: Mr Sharma, welcome to the show.   Raj Sharma: It’s a pleasure.   J’lyn Nye: I’ll start by asking you about this… We’ve been talking about it today over the last… Well, since the news broke yesterday afternoon. Want to start by asking you about liberal leader Justin Trudeau. I know on … Read more »

  • The Agri-Food Immigration Class pilot is starting in early 2020.

    The Agri-Food Immigration Class pilot is starting in early 2020.   Focus on attracting butchers, food processing labourers, harvesters for mushrooms ad greenhouse crops, farm workers for mushrooms, greenhouse crops, livestock raising, and livestock workers.   Max number of applications to be process … Read more »

  • Options for Exploited and/or Abused Temporary Foreign Workers

    In my 15 years practising immigration law, I have encountered many exploited and abused temporary foreign workers (usually low-skill/low-wage). They are often exploited or abused by members of their own community -sometimes even by their own family. This abuse/exploitation takes on many forms.  For … Read more »

  • The Rural Immigration Pilot Project

    Economic immigration to attract foreign skilled workers to one of the smaller, participating communities. The prospective candidate approaches the approved community. List of communities: … Read more »

  • The Emergency Stay Application

    One important goal that all immigration lawyers share is to help their clients avoid deportation. Deportation however is one outcome (among others) contemplated in the IRPA/IRPR. My client entered Canada almost a decade ago. She came as an international student, graduated (had a child here) and obta … Read more »