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  • Discussion on the Parent and Grandparent sponsorship process 2022

    Immigration news and developments happen with increasing regularity. I was out of country when the family class/parents and grandparents program was set to re-open. The following is a (mostly) Punjabi language interview/discussion: 2022 10 12 redfm interview family class   Stewart Sharma Harsanyi Im … Read more »

  • Updated: Demand Letters and Mandamus Compelling Action on your Immigration File

    I have written and spoken about the remedy of mandamus before; I will be doing so again at the CBA Alberta-North Immigration Section on October 27, 2022. What is mandamus? In essence, the Federal Court has the power to compel IRCC, or Canada Border Services Agency to do something that they should be … Read more »

  • Beware the Poison Pen Letter

    Just wrapped up an appeal this morning (sadly, a 845 AM Toronto start time which meant a 645 start time here in Calgary). My client’s sponsorship was refused because of a poison pen letter (details were redacted in the officer’s notes). Suffice it to say the poison pen letter alleged that my client … Read more »

  • The Moral Debt Owed to Front Line Health Care Workers -Part Deux

    What do you do when your immigration appeal is refused? The IAD is probably your best shot at retaining status. The IAD remains an important safeguard and safety net for Permanent Residents that are facing a removal order. The IAD can consider both validity and humanitarian and compassionate conside … Read more »

  • Don't be oversmarrrrt

    The more they overthink the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drain –Chief Engineer M. Scott Don’t try to be oversmarrrt -my uncle (said in an almost-Ajit like drawl) Immigration to a new country is no small matter. Even applications that are considered straight forward can run into unexpecte … Read more »