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  • Climate Change Litigation – 1 step forward, 2 steps back

    Climate Change Litigation – 1 step forward, 2 steps back   Climate litigation is still very new and Canada did not see much of it until 2018 when one of the first Canadian climate lawsuits was filed, the case of Environnement Jeunesse v Canada.[1] This suit was brought by the group ENvironnement JEU … Read more »

  • Polluter pays principle in Alberta: A state of and a foundation for the future?

      The ELC ‘s most recent report The Polluter Pays Principle in Alberta Law provides a summary of the polluter pays principle in Alberta law.   This report is provided as an introduction to the principle and how it is often operationalized in Alberta law.   The report provides a foundation for future … Read more »

  • Woodland Caribou vs. Everybody

    When you think of Canada and its wildlife, there are a few iconic animal species that might immediately come to mind. Perhaps you think of the beaver, the grizzly bear, or the orca, or perhaps, you think of the caribou. Caribou are rarely seen and yet they are one of the most recognizable of Canadia … Read more »

  • Garbage Thoughts

    Garbage. Waste. It’s nothing new. In fact, typically, it’s something old, especially if you’re wanting to get rid of it! And if it’s smelly, make that as soon as possible! But have you ever thought about where your garbage goes after you put it out into the bins? After the trucks take it away or […] … Read more »

  • Moving from Conversion to Conservation: ELC publishes Agricultural Lands Law and Policy in Alberta

    Moving from Conversion to Conservation: ELC publishes Agricultural Lands Law and Policy in Alberta Alberta’s agricultural lands support numerous social, economic and environmental benefits. Despite this, we have lost and continue to lose prime agricultural lands via conversion into developed uses.   … Read more »