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  • Can I be Terminated at Any Time? – The $150,000 Question

    “But why?” is often the most common question employees ask about their termination. Years of dedicated service and going above and beyond seem meaningless when they can be terminated anytime and without a reason. There is often a sense of betrayal, with the employee racking their brains about why th … Read more »

  • Why Informed Honesty is the Best Policy for Workplace Injuries

    Any injury on the job can be devastating, be it a slip and fall or a lost finger. For many employees, the pain is aggravated by the actions of their employers, who often fail to file the correct paperwork with WSIB, delaying the compensation or illegally punishing the injured employee for daring to … Read more »

  • CIRB ruling sets a 50% income threshold for who is considered a Dependent contractor

    “It depends” is a phrase that can be both frustrating and confusing. When seeking an answer, few things can be as irritating as being told, “It depends.” With some employers intentionally using the confusion over the difference between an employee and an independent contractor to strip workers of st … Read more »

  • Do I get Anything if Terminated on a Fixed-Term Contract?

    Yes, and probably more than you think. For many employees, the first time they read their employment contract is when they are hired, and the second is when they are fired. It can be years or even decades between signing a document and parts of it becoming relevant, which can be daunting for many em … Read more »

  • A Lesson in Costs: Giacomodonato v. PearTree Securities Inc.

    One aspect of litigation that often causes equal parts apprehension and confusion, especially for employees with little experience with the Court system, is cost awards, colloquially known as “costs.” While there have been many attempts to clarify what costs are to help those entering litigation bet … Read more »