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  • Federally Regulated Employee? You’ll Soon Be Entitled to More

    Starting next year on February 1, 2024, federally regulated employees may be entitled to more when their employment is terminated. Industries such as air transport, banks, postal services, radio and TV broadcasting, railway and road transport, port services, First Nations band councils, or any busin … Read more »

  • You Earned that Bonus! (Even if You’ve Been Fired)

    Many employees receive bonuses from their employers, whether it is a small amount for the holidays or a significant sum. In fields such as sales, that “bonus” can account for everything an employee earns above minimum wage.    This means that many employees depend on their bonus as part of their ove … Read more »

  • No Holds Barred When a “Wins at All Costs” divorce strategy Means Costs Awarded

    S. v. A. – Divorce is an emotional time for all parties involved. Even in the most amicable cases, there will be tensions, a lot of which are created by the fear of what your ex might do now that you are no longer functioning as a … Read more »

  • Workplace Investigations Guide for Employees

    As an employee, you are entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. Harassment or an unsafe working environment is never acceptable. When an incident occurs, or a complaint is made, a workplace investigation is almost always required. This brief guide will provide an overview of what to expect when a … Read more »

  • Your employer owes you respect even at the time of termination

    Being fired from your job is unpleasant. Even worse if your employer fires you in a way that is humiliating, or cruel. However, if your employer kicks you on the way out, they can be punished for this later by the Courts.  One former employee in the recent case, Pohl v Hudson’s Bay Company, was awar … Read more »