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  • Beyond perseverance: Amanda Saunders' story

    Beyond perseverance: Amanda Saunders’ storyOctober 20, 2021Written by Debbi Harvie  Amanda Saunders is the epitome of perseverance.At the age of 21, Amanda was a student in university, thinking about her future in the field of psychology. But one day, everything changed.“I started noticing some rath … Read more »

  • Art as healing

    Art as healingThursday, September 30, 2021Written by Debbi Harvie  World-renowned Migmaw artist Alan Syliboy of Nova Scotia stands with his latest pieces from a series he completed.  Drawing has always provided some form of comfort for renowned artist Alan Syliboy.As a young child from Millbrook Fir … Read more »

  • School bus safety – What you need to know

    School bus safety – know the lawSeptember 29, 2021Written by Debbi Harvie School is back in session. And with it comes the added precaution of school bus safety.Throughout the day, motorists may encounter school buses traversing the roads while picking up and dropping off students, a sight that has … Read more »

  • St. Mary’s River Association seeks community support

    St. Mary’s River Association seeks community supportSeptember 15, 2021Written by Debbi Harvie Abbey Stroud is a third-year International Relations student at Mount Alison University. This summer she assisted with the St. Mary’s River Association’s fight against the Cochrane Hill open-pit gold mine.B … Read more »

  • Do private investigators have a role in your claim?

    Do private investigators have a role in your claim?August 16, 2021Written by Brandon Baker   Imagine pursuing an injury claim, making it all the way to the Discovery phase, and finding out that your insurance company has a video of you that you had no idea they took. While this sounds like something … Read more »