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  • APPEAL WATCH: R v Pan, a legally messy murder 

    The Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) has granted leave to appeal the long and complex case of R v Pan 2023 ONCA 362 [Pan]. At trial, four co-accused – Jennifer Pan (“Pan”), Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong (“Wong”), Lenford Crawford (“Crawford”), and David Mylvaganam (“Mylvaganam”) – were all convicted of first … Read more »

  • Making Sense of Consequential Charter Breaches After R v Zacharias

    In R v Zacharias, 2023 SCC 30 [Zacharias], a divided Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC” or the “Court”) held that evidence obtained through an unlawful detention cannot be used to ground a lawful arrest. Although Zacharias set a uniform national standard on this point, the SCC was anything but uniform i … Read more »

  • APPEAL WATCH: Sweet Productions Inc. v Licensing IP International on Delay and Dismissal 

    The Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) is set to hear an appeal out of the Federal Court of Appeal (“FCA”) on undue delay leading to dismissal in the case of Sweet Productions Inc. v Licensing IP International, 2022 FCA 111 [Sweet Productions] pursuant to Rule 167 of the Federal Court Rules, S.O.R./98- … Read more »

  • Ewen: The judge-represented litigant

    The Federal Court of Appeal (the “FCA”) resolved an “unusual question” about the Federal Court’s jurisdiction to raise a substantive question not raised by the parties in the context of an urgent motion for judicial review. In Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness) v Ewen, 2023 FCA 225 [E … Read more »