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  • Cost-Effective Document Disclosure in Construction Arbitration

    Martin Felsky Senior Counsel   October 22, 2021   There are four rules-based approaches to document disclosure in legal disputes. From broadest to narrowest they are:   Relevant:  Each party discloses all documents relevant to the issues in dispute. Responsive:  Each party discloses documents respon … Read more »

  • Discovery in the Yukon

    Vladyslav (Vlad) Strashko Associate   October 20, 2021   A recent decision, Chance Oil and Gas Limited v Yukon (Energy, Mines and Resources), 2021 YKSC 44 (CanLII) , provides a good window into the discovery process in the Yukon.   In this case, both sides filed applications to compel each other to … Read more »

  • eDiscovery Preparedness – Technology Options

    Crystal O’Donnell Chief Executive Officer and Senior Counsel   October 13, 2021   Proactive management of electronic information is one of the best ways to minimize costs and risks associated with eDiscovery.  This includes enterprises making decisions on the appropriate approach to managing eDiscov … Read more »

  • Is a De-activated Social Media Account Producible?

    Harry Chang Associate   October 6, 2021   The recent US decision in Brown v. SSA Atl., LLC, CV419-303 (S.D. Ga. Mar. 15, 2021) emphasizes the importance of understanding what constitutes spoliation in the context of social media evidence.   The plaintiff in this case was evasive about his social med … Read more »

  • eDiscovery Preparedness – Review Technology

    Candice Chan-Glasgow Director, Review Services and Counsel   October 4, 2021   The discovery process is typically the most time-consuming and expensive aspect of any legal dispute.  Fortunately, by adopting appropriate technology and best practices, parties can achieve significant cost savings in th … Read more »