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  • This is not the time to cut corners on information security

    Martin Felsky, Senior Counsel April 18, 2020   About a month before China notified the World Health Organization about a new coronavirus, I published an article for the Ontario Bar Association encouraging lawyers to migrate their practices to the cloud entitled “ If Judges Can Move to the Cloud, Why … Read more »

  • Leveraging Concept Clustering in eDiscovery

    Candice Chan-Glasgow, Director, Review Services and Counsel, and Catia Amorim, Associate   March 4, 2019   Even after de-duplication and some initial culling, it’s not unusual to still be faced with a significant number of electronic records in a given litigation matter.    Tools that help lawyers t … Read more »

  • The Limitations of Keywords

    Candice Chan-Glasgow Director, Review Services and Counsel February 5, 2019   A high-profile case making headlines again this week illustrates the frailties of relying on keyword searching alone when searching for relevant documents in any document review project.   Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was char … Read more »

  • No Matter is Too Small – the Case for Email Threading

    Wendy Cole Director, Project Management and Counsel November 5, 2018   Consider for a moment the last time you had to review email messages for discovery, or pay counsel to do so on your behalf.  The endless toil of slogging through random fragments of email threads that appear to be in no particula … Read more »

  • Technical document production struggles will not excuse undue delay

    Wendy Cole Director, Project Management and Counsel October 1, 2018   The October 2017 decision of Master Graham in 683153 Ontario Limited et al. v. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company et al. , 2017 ONSC 6024 (CanLII) serves as a cautionary tale for both counsel and clients who are unfamiliar w … Read more »