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  • De minimus non curat lex: the hoses and hedge clippers edition

    On a personal note: in the last few months, personal obligations have changed and have taken priority over writing. My goal of a post per month wasn’t sustainable. I’m not sure how often I will be able to post going forward. Thank you, though, as always, for reading. “De minimus non curat lex” is a … Read more »

  • On Unlawful Assembly and the Public Good

    The first Criminal Code was enacted in Canada in 1892. It is a criminal offence to assemble unlawfully and the 19th century definition has not changed. The Charter protects freedom only of peaceful assembly. Under the Code: 63 (1) An unlawful assembly is an assembly of three or more persons who, wit … Read more »

  • We are Going to Your Grace Land

    The Reverend Bruce R.E. Sheasby is “The Reverend Elvis at Your Grace Land” in Calgary, Alberta. He operates Bruce Sheasby Consulting, and is also an Ordained Minister, Founding Pastor, and President of Your Grace Land Ministries, associated with the Spiritual Community Church of the West. More speci … Read more »

  • On a Personal Note: Dad, George and The Queen

    “There was some stuff,” my dad tells me, as he looks out the car towards the park. “They did some work. George came, and said ‘let’s go, boys, let’s get it done.’” I ask for the smallest of details: “were they raking leaves?” He isn’t sure, and it doesn’t matter. We’re in a new and slower place, the … Read more »

  • Real Evidence Part III: The Mouse Edition

    I’ve been writing about real evidence, the “things” that are brought into a court room to assist a party to prove their case. Or that aren’t brought into Court, as the case may be. Curll et al. v. Robin Hood Multifoods Ltd. et al. is a treasure of a case from 1974. Long before anyone thought to take … Read more »