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  • Real Evidence Part III: The Mouse Edition

    I’ve been writing about real evidence, the “things” that are brought into a court room to assist a party to prove their case. Or that aren’t brought into Court, as the case may be. Curll et al. v. Robin Hood Multifoods Ltd. et al. is a treasure of a case from 1974. Long before anyone thought to take … Read more »

  • Real Evidence, Part II: The Breakfast Sandwich Edition

    I am delighted when I receive feedback on my blog from both of you out there reading it! Thank you so much. A recent reader let me know that my posts are generally too long. I agree. I was thinking about the reason for this. I expect it comes from decades of trying to be thorough, trying not to miss … Read more »

  • Bodies of Evidence

    TW: sexual assault of a minor Faith is an island in the setting sunBut proof, yesProof is the bottom line for everyone. There’s a moment in pretty much every episode of Law and Order when a lawyer from the District Attorney’s office reviews the evidence the detectives have gathered and rejects it: “ … Read more »

  • Déjà vu all over again: the Groundhog Day Edition

    Because everything is strange, it seems decreasingly strange that we might make plans for the future based on the predictive abilities of a rodent. On Groundhog Day, because there is no god or god has a sense of humour, a cloudy day means spring is coming, and a sunny day means we’re doomed for more … Read more »

  • Monkeys and Typewriters: the Anniversary Edition

    When I started this blog, I had grander ambitions of more frequent posts, posts organized in some coherent fashion based on a theme, and of course, significantly more insightful analyses. And fame; naturally, I sought fame and the riches it brings. I have not found fame (or riches). But as someone b … Read more »