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  • Dog Days of Summer: The Dog Ate My Alibi EditionAugust 13, 2018

    There’s a new movie out, Dog Days, described by one reviewer as a “deeply naff feelgood dogcom” that “makes Marley and Me look like Citizen Kane, and is actually pretty creepy, in the way that only aggressively life affirming movies can be.”  Suggestion:  rewatch Dog Day Afternoon.  And check out lo … Read more »

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: The Lottery EditionJuly 17, 2018

    Many first-year law students will have horrid flashbacks to Contracts Law and the mysteries of terms and conditions, fine print, regulations, and oral contracts.  I thought that a contract’s requirement of “consideration” meant that the parties had to be kind and considerate to each other and think … Read more »

  • I’ve Got Your NumbersJuly 1, 2018

    I’ve not posted for a while:  things got busy.  I do this blog because I enjoy it and didn’t want it to become a draining, mandatory thing.   So, here I am again.  Crowd-funding to allow me to stop working and blog full-time is most appreciated. I was thinking about familiar phrases involving number … Read more »

  • On Paperwork and Spinsters: the Marriage EditionMay 1, 2018

    This post references spousal and family violence. On May 1, 2018, the way marriages are solemnized changed in Nova Scotia. The amendments to the Solemnization of Marriage Act, among other changes, remove the ability for anyone under 16 to be married. They also change the categories for self-identifi … Read more »

  • The Myth of Fingerprints EditionApril 18, 2018

    Paul Simon’s 1986 Graceland is an all-time favourite.  It is one of those few albums that for me has never gone stale.  The 11th song on the “album” is “All Around the World or The Myth of Fingerprints.” Fully 4 of the 5 full verses of the song declare the myth of fingerprint:  that each of us is un … Read more »