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  • Donkey Cases: The Asinine Edition

    Well, simply put, there is an abundance of donkey references in legal decisions, and a considerably greater number of decisions that deal with asses, without identifying them specifically as such.  I’m thinking, after some research, that all donkeys are asses, but not all asses are donkeys. We begin … Read more »

  • The “Virginia, about that Easter Bunny” Edition

    Will you nibble on a chocolate bunny this year?   While I was persuaded by a Girl Guide to buy a box of cookies (for the children!), I don’t usually indulge, but as I am a child of a United Church upbringing, I recall participating in both the religious and secular celebrations of Easter (pancakes a … Read more »

  • Ghosts and Nude Cavorting: the Naked Eye Edition

    I  was recently engaged in some research on “patent” and “latent” defects in the context of real estate law.   Patent defects are those obvious ones, discoverable by ordinary diligence or inspection.  They can be described usually as being apparent to the naked eye or at least apparent if you bother … Read more »

  • There is Some Dispute on the Evidence: The Cowboy Justice Edition

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a fun sort of Western anthology of short films following quintessential cowboy themes and locations:  the gunfight, the saloon, the prospector, the wagon train, the open prairie, the annoying dog.  I love the Coen Brothers’ film-making and this film was particularly a … Read more »

  • Under the “Oh!”: the Rogue Santa Edition

    Hark!  It is the bleak midwinter. I am a confirmed grinch. My heart is full of unwashed socks. Yet I also enjoy silent nights, peace on earth, and rest for all merry and gentle people. Rather than enter into a soul-baring post about my conflicted Christian upbringing, I will instead offer a few Sant … Read more »