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  • Carcasses and G-strings: Happy Valentine’s Day

    Ah St. Valentine–patron saint of epilepsy–and a day to celebrate naked cupids shooting arrows or what-not, send 144 million greeting cards, spend $1.7 billion on Valentine gifts for pets, and a further $19.2 billion on gifts for human (unless pet gifts are subsumed in the total spending….not sure). … Read more »

  • The Dancers Wore Flip-Flops: The STR Edition

    Halifax’s vacancy rate is under 1%, lower than it is in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. McGill’s School of Urban Planning (November 2019) stats indicate that short term rentals (STRs) removed about 1% of housing from the “rental housing stock” and that If commercial STRs were converted back to lon … Read more »

  • A Peace of Mind Contract?: The Farting Guide

    The law’s developed a notion of “peace of mind” contracts that aim to provide “pleasure, relaxation, peace of mind or freedom from molestation.” These are not “ordinary” contracts, but contracts that, when broken, can entitle the plaintiff to damages for mental suffering and distress. Some examples … Read more »

  • Take a Walk on the Ferae Naturae Side

    In East Fork Enterprises Ltd. v. Saskatchewan Government Insurance, 1997 CanLII 11022 a skunk stunk up a farmer and his dressed poultry.  He filed an insurance claim. The insurance company spoke up in the skunk’s defence.  It argued that what the poultry farmer characterized as an “attack” (covered … Read more »

  • Your Music Sucks: The Hallowe’en Edition

    ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCTOBER 30 2019 AS A PAGE As October wraps up and I purchase more boxes of candy to replace the boxes of candy I’ve already eaten, I turn my thoughts to Hallowe’en.  Apparently, the first reported use of “trick or treat” in Canada was somewhat awkwardly introduced by my hometown … Read more »