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  • On Paperwork and Spinsters: the Marriage EditionMay 1, 2018

    This post references spousal and family violence. On May 1, 2018, the way marriages are solemnized changed in Nova Scotia. The amendments to the Solemnization of Marriage Act, among other changes, remove the ability for anyone under 16 to be married. They also change the categories for self-identifi … Read more »

  • The Myth of Fingerprints EditionApril 18, 2018

    Paul Simon’s 1986 Graceland is an all-time favourite.  It is one of those few albums that for me has never gone stale.  The 11th song on the “album” is “All Around the World or The Myth of Fingerprints.” Fully 4 of the 5 full verses of the song declare the myth of fingerprint:  that each of us is un … Read more »

  • Cannon Law: The Citadel Hill EditionApril 1, 2018

    While there is some fairly well-known litigation about matters related to Citadel Hill, this post is about some of the lesser-known judicial determinations involving this landmark. “Fort George,” not to be confused with 5 others in Canada, was built on Citadel Hill in 1749 and then in stages, to for … Read more »

  • Shamrocks and Ursus maritimus: The St. Patrick’s Day EditionMarch 14, 2018

    Halifax has just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a parade the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, ostensibly to let more people enjoy it than they could if it were held on a weekend, which is where St. Patrick’s Day falls this year.  I don’t follow.  Sounds like an excuse for two weekends of green b … Read more »

  • Paisley Snails: The Consumer Protection EditionFebruary 20, 2018

    What I know about consumer protection law could be placed in an elegant bag and sold to people with the guarantee that the contents will provide access untold riches and magical powers.  So please, take this post with a grain of 100% Pink Himalayan salt guaranteed to improve your respiratory problem … Read more »