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  • Snooping Will Cost You!

    In Alberta, Ms. Franc, a practicum student at the Smith Medical Clinic, was charged pursuant to contravening section 107 of the Health Information Act (RSA 2000, c. H-5).  Ms. Franc pleaded guilty to the three counts of violating the HIA and the Alberta Court issued its decision about the penalty. T … Read more »

  • Work-Home Balance: Privacy Edition

    Everyone has been in a situation when they needed something printed but did not have access to a printer. So what did you do? If you are like me, you probably sent the document to a friend or family member for them to print it. Alternatively, you sent it to yourself to download on your home computer … Read more »

  • Don’t Panic! Plan. – Employers dealing with new termination clause invalidity

    On top of daily changes by the Ontario government to employment law in Ontario during the COVID-19 emergency, the Ontario Court of Appeal has added one more uncertainty employers need to manage. The Court’s June 17, 2020 decision, Waksdale v. Swegon North America Inc., made a significant change to t … Read more »

  • Insured’s Coverage Claim Knocked Out

    The Ontario Court of Appeal has overturned a lower decision that found an insurer owed a duty to defend an insured in a sexual assault claim, under a commercial general liability policy.  The Claim In Southside Muay Thai Academy Corp. v. Aviva, Raul Fontalvo was the co-owner and employee of Southsid … Read more »

  • Extraterritorial Application of Insurance Act? ONCA is having None of It

    This priority dispute/coverage case has an unusual set of facts. The claimant was involved in a single vehicle accident in Nunavut while working in Nunavut. The vehicle she was driving at the time was owned and insured in Nunavut. However, the claimant was from Ontario and had a policy of insurance … Read more »