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  • Pardon the Interruption

    *** Mikel Pearce is a contributor of this article. In the wake of COVID-19, several class action lawsuits emerged against various insurers in Canada with respect to the scope of business interruption coverage. The issues are nuanced and depend on the specific policy at issue. However, most commercia … Read more »

  • David and Goliath: Bad Faith and the Vulnerable

    In a recent LAT decision, the adjudicator was unfavorably “shocked” at an insurer’s conduct toward its insured. Let’s talk about what went so terribly wrong in this motion to dismiss an application. The applicant in this case was a visually impaired senior citizen who does not speak English and was … Read more »

  • Investigations Before Dismissal: Legally Optional, Practically Mandatory

    A recent decision out of Manitoba saw its Court of Appeal confirm that an employer was not obligated to conduct an investigation before dismissing an employee for “cause”. This is decision can certainly be considered a “win” for employers, who are feeling the pressure as the cost of litigating dismi … Read more »

  • On the Clock Even When You’re Not

    A recent “right to sue” decision from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (Decision No. 1375/20, 2021 ONWSIAT 270) considered whether a slip and fall accident that occurred in a parking lot was “reasonably incidental” to the worker’s employment and therefore, covered under the Workpl … Read more »

  • Fresh from the Oven: Court Delivers Warning to Pizza Drivers

    It seems like you can get anything delivered these days: pizza, clothing, cosmetics, groceries, alcohol – the list is endless. Most people making these deliveries are using their personal vehicles. Yet how many people are informing their insurers of the business use of their vehicles? In the recent … Read more »