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  • With Cause Termination in Ontario

    Termination with cause is one of the forms of termination available to employers in Ontario. This means that employers can terminate an employee without notice or payment in cases of serious misconduct or poor performance. However, it is important to note that termination for cause is difficult to p … Read more »

  • Cracking Down on Exploitation: Canada Revamps Protections for Foreign Workers

    Merging of Employment and Immigration Laws Continues The Government of Canada has modified the Immigration, Refugees and Protection Regulations (“IRPR”) to enhance the protection of foreign workers in Canada. The following summarizes the changes and how they may impact employers and foreign workers. … Read more »

  • What is a Wrongful Dismissal?

    Wrongful dismissal occurs when an employer terminates an employee without providing them with advanced notice of termination or appropriate pay in lieu of notice. It’s important to note that determining whether a dismissal was wrongful doesn’t solely rely on the fairness or reasonableness of the ter … Read more »

  • Decoding Resignation in Ontario’s Employment Law

    The concept of resignation in employment law is often more complex than it appears. A pivotal case that sheds light on this intricacy is Johal v Simmons da Silva LLP, as adjudicated by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. This case, while dating back to 2017, sets a foundational understanding of w … Read more »

  • Am I entitled to Severance Pay?

    If your employment is “severed”, you may be entitled to severance pay. Severance pay is paid to a qualified employee as compensation for losses (such as loss of seniority) that occur when a long-term employee loses their job. Severance pay is not the same as termination pay, which is given in place … Read more »