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  • Why Employers Have to Decide Whether to Recall Employees Before September 4th

    On July 24, 2020, with the passing of Bill 195 (Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act 2020) the declared provincial state of emergency related to COVID-19 ended. Below, we discuss the implications of this change on employers with a specific focus on employees who have been laid off … Read more »

  • Sultan Lawyers on Employment Contracts & Severance Pay, Pt. 1

    In part one of our three-part series on employment contracts and severance pay, we’ll be highlighting the top four considerations both employers and employees should think about before they enter into an employment contract.  This is important particularly since the details within an employment cont … Read more »

  • Immigration & Labour Mobility in the COVID-19 Era

    COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on Canada’s immigration and labour mobility policies. Many foreign nationals are currently prohibited from entering Canada until further notice. New travel policies and/or exemptions are also being implemented which limit the number of exceptions to those who can b … Read more »

  • Recalls to Work, Layoffs & Changed Employment: What Comes Next

    Phase 3 of the COVID-19 reopening strategy has begun in earnest. This means that we are getting close to a full reopening of the provincial economy. As we move close to full operations, employers and employees are asking about what they can expect as employees return to work and the government suppo … Read more »

  • “Heat of the Moment” Resignations: Are They Enforceable?

    The continued reopening of public and private sector organizations is without doubt a positive and sorely needed step towards economic recovery. While critical, this process will not be without its challenges. Specifically, there is a significant risk of workplace tension as employers and employees … Read more »