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  • Partnership Disputes – Dentists, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Architects and Engineers

    Partnerships Professionals often carry on their professional practice as partners in a partnership or limited liability partnership. Partnerships can be created simply by conduct and the application of the Partnership Act or by a simple or complex partnership agreement. Joint Venture Contract – Fidu … Read more »

  • Protecting Your Internet Domain Name

    In the age of the internet and e-commerce, the domain name of a business holds tremendous value and is often an integral part of the identity of a business. Since a website can only have one domain name on the internet, there is no shortage of disputes which arise over ownership rights of domain nam … Read more »

  • Gaming licensing in Ontario – skill or chance?

    Ontario’s Court of Appeal ruled in Play for Fun Studios Inc. v. Ontario (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario), 2019 ONCA 648 that ‘GotSkill’ is illegal under Ontario’s gaming, alcohol and racing legislation. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario operates under provincial law controlling … Read more »

  • Deposits In Failed Real Property Transactions

    The recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Azzarello v. Shawqi, 2019 ONCA 820, illustrates the purpose of providing a deposit when purchasing real property and under what circumstances a purchaser will lose their deposit or be refunded the deposit if the sale does not go through. There are some … Read more »

  • Business Dirty Tricks

    Sometimes businesses and their stakeholders act wrongfully in seeking to advance their interests and / or harm competitors. There are often reports of the “dirty tricks” used by those in business to seek to destroy, defeat or diminish the effectiveness of a competitor. These are often unethical tact … Read more »