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  • Measures of Last Resort – The Benefits of Exit Provisions in Shareholder’s Agreements

    The benefits of a shareholder’s agreement may not be fully considered when parties are intending to go into business together and become joint shareholders in a corporation. Perhaps the mood is optimistic and none of the participants anticipate that things might sour between them down the road. Some … Read more »

  • When Shareholders Need an Auditor or Inspector

    I address here in a general way the procedures available for a shareholder or group of shareholders seeking the assistance of the court to have an auditor or inspector appointed. Financial Statements  – None or Inaccurate  Shareholders in closely-held Ontario corporations sometimes have concerns abo … Read more »

  • Legal Consequences of Coronavirus on Commercial Contracts

    Impact of Coronovirus Events on International and Domestic Commercial Contracts  The reports from China show that coronavirus, also known as Novel Coronavirus, Wuhan Coronavirus, Covid-19 and, 2019-nCoV, not only has a tragic impact on the lives of very many, but has already caused the consequential … Read more »

  • Six Ways to Get an Annulment in Ontario

    Civil annulments are uncommon in Ontario as most separating spouses in Ontario choose to get a divorce. Annulments deem a marriage invalid, rendering the marriage null and void, as if it never happened. Essentially, an annulment means your marriage never occurred in the eyes of the law. Annulments a … Read more »

  • Hurdles To Recognition and Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments

    In the recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision of H.M.B. Holdings Limited v. Antigua and Barbuda, 2020 ONCA 12, the Court of Appeal rendered a split (2-1) decision regarding the recognition of a foreign judgment which muddies the waters on the analysis to be applied to s.3(b) of the Reciprocal Enfor … Read more »