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  • Back to basics: Part I – Owner alterations to common elements

    To kick off the new year, we’re reviewing the Condo Act  in a series we’re calling “Back to Basics”. We’ll cover common topics and issues that often arise in condo living. So, follow along and we hope you’ll gain an appreciation of these foundational concepts. In Part 1 of this series, we discuss a … Read more »

  • Top Ten Condo Law Cases of 2023

    Happy New Year to our readers. We hope 2024 is a year of peace, balance and prosperity. We present our top ten condo law cases of 2023 in our newest issue of Condo Alert! Here’s hoping the past decisions help us in navigating noise, nuisance vs. maintenance, repair and chargeback disputes and promot … Read more »

  • The Code and the CAT: Old habits die hard and old dogs don’t learn new tricks

    Toronto often ranks amongst the dog-friendliest cities in the world. Sadly, this sentiment does not necessarily apply to condos in the city. Through its governing docs, condos can impose an outright prohibition on dogs from entering the premises; it can also impose weight, size or breed-related proh … Read more »

  • John Warren – Condo Audit Warrior

    John Warren, a long-time Director & Past President of CCI-Toronto, was everyone’s friend in condo world.  He passed away peacefully on September 29, 2023.  John received his CA designation in 1973 and spent 2 years at a large audit firm in Brussels, enabling his wife, Beatrice and him to tour around … Read more »

  • No credit for the chargeback card: Practical solutions and why improper condo chargebacks are not the answer

    Condo living is unpredictable and there’s always something new…yet I write about chargebacks, indemnity clauses and Amlani all too often. The law is settled: condos cannot charge back enforcement-related costs – specifically legal letters – without a court order, despite how any indemnification prov … Read more »