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  • No snow/ice injury limitation

    A brand-new Occupiers Liability Act provision requires Notice to be given by a person injured by ice or snow on privately-owned property, within 60 days after the date of injury. That Snow/Ice Injury Notice must describe in writing the location, date, time and circumstances giving rise to the injury … Read more »

  • Condo arbitration – never mistake silence (in the agreement) for agreement

    The courts kicked-off the year with the release of a decision discussing condominium arbitrations and the importance of explicit appeal rights in arbitration agreements. This case involved a unit owner, who operated a legal cannabis store at the condominium building. The condo   believed this breach … Read more »

  • Top 10 condo cases of 2020

    The latest issue of our newsletter Condo Alert! Winter 2020 features our Top 10 condo cases of 2020. We hope your holidays were restful.  We wish you a fresh start, health and happiness in 2021. A reminder of our fresh start –   we’ve moved up – one floor – at 390 Bay Street, Toronto.  Our new suite … Read more »

  • CAT issues first order under Rule 4.5 – Applicant must obtain permission before continuing any proceedings

    The Condominium Authority Tribunal recently granted an order under Rule 4.5 of its Rules of Practice for the first time since its inception. Rule 4.5 states: If the CAT finds that a Party has filed a vexatious Application or has participated in a CAT Case in a vexatious manner, the CAT can find that … Read more »

  • Key take-aways from the CAT’s record request decisions – Part 2

    Approximately two months have passed since the CAT’s jurisdiction expanded beyond condo record requests to include disputes regarding, pets, parking, vehicles and storage and chargebacks related to such issues.  However, the CAT has yet to release a decision dealing with these new topics. It may  ta … Read more »