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  • Whose Income is It?

    In 1966, the Carter Commission recommended that the income tax system should consider the family (spouse and minor children) as the basic unit for determining tax liability. Canada did not accept the recommendation for various political reasons. As a result, the general rule in Canadian income tax l … Read more »

  • Announcing Our New Partner, Jeremie Beitel

    We are exceedingly pleased to announce Jeremie Beitel’s invitation into partnership at TaxChambers LLP as of August 1st, 2019. Jeremie joined our firm in 2018 as a senior associate and has since committed himself to excellence in his practice focusing on taxpayer representation & litigation, and cor … Read more »

  • CRA’s $1 Billion Real Estate Nut: Tough to Crack

    The Canada Revenue Agency (the “CRA”) recently published a news release (the “Release”), in which it identifies over $1 billion in unpaid taxes in the BC and Ontario real estate sectors since 2015. Nevertheless, it remains unclear how much of this amount will remain after taxpayers file subsequent o … Read more »

  • AG Report on Taxation Describes a Porous Canadian Sales Tax Regime

    Canadian tax policy is bleeding millions in lost e-commerce tax revenue while incentivizing Canadian businesses to expatriate for a competitive advantage, according to the Auditor General of Canada (the “AG”). In one of a series of Spring reports, the AG released its work “Report 3—Taxation of E-Com … Read more »

  • $1.7M for CRA’s “Malicious Prosecution” Set Aside on Appeal

    The British Columbia Court of Appeal (the “BCCA”) reversed (the “Decision”) a landmark decision (the “Lower Court Decision”) that had awarded a B.C. couple (the “Samaroos”) $1.7 million in damages for the Canada Revenue Agency’s (the “CRA”) purported malicious prosecution of tax evasion. The tort of … Read more »