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  • The Ancient Art of Taxation

    There is a popular misconception about taxes that they are a modern creation. In fact, taxes in one form or another have existed since the dawn of civilization. We see one of the earliest forms 4500 years ago in Mesopotamia, when a king imposed a toll tax on the bridge that his citizens used daily t … Read more »

  • Is The Principal Residence an Endangered Species?

    The government is desperate for money and is on the search for new sources of revenues to finance its deficits. In anticipation of a fall election, the spring 2021 Federal Budget followed the general trend that governments spend (or say they will) before an election by announcing $101.4 billion of d … Read more »

  • File Your Tax Return on Time and Stay Safe

    Spring is the season to reflect on what we pay for through our taxes. We have a new federal Budget coming on April 19, when the government tells us what they will pay for to make our tax system “fairer”, code for increased taxes. Check the Budget document to see how many times the Minister uses deri … Read more »

  • Stock Traders Beware of Tax Traps: The Taxman Cometh

    “When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income”. – Plato In the past two weeks, we saw frenzied buying and selling of shares with minimal intrinsic value but high speculative interest in the “shorts market”, where traders sell shares first h … Read more »

  • A Brief History on the Unpleasant Subject of Taxes

    Taxes are compulsory expropriations levied to support necessary government expenditures. The law is complex, and the government has large budgets to administer it. Tax disputes are expensive and often involve protracted litigation. Hence, most persons consider tax an “unpleasant subject”. However, t … Read more »