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  • Red Flags for Tax Audits

    Millions of employees forced to work from home because of COVID-19 turned their bedrooms, basements, and kitchens into workspaces. In doing so, they took on increased household expenses to do their jobs. The tax rules for employees claiming deductions are narrow and the CRA watches them carefully. N … Read more »

  • Twelve Rules that Protect the Tax Collector

    Tax rules protect the Tax Collector. They are not intended to protect taxpayers. Taxpayers who do not comply with the rules lose all their rights. There is no Charter protection for taxpayers. Rule 1: Taxpayers must voluntarily self-assess their tax liability and file their tax returns without deman … Read more »

  • Beware the Taxman Seeking Your Privileged Information

    There are very few rules in tax law that protect taxpayers. Most are written to protect the Canada Revenue Agency and the government. The doctrine of legal privilege is one of the few rules that are intended to protect the legal system and preserve the rule of law. Legal privilege is essentially jud … Read more »

  • A Tax Loophole Benefits the Other Guy. If it Benefits You, it is “Tax Reform”

    As we go into tax filing season, individuals should consider which employment perquisites of office are taxable and which are not. Employees are compensated through salary and perks. Salary is generally fully taxable; perks may be taxable or non-taxable, depending upon statutory exemptions and admin … Read more »

  • The Ancient Art of Taxation

    There is a popular misconception about taxes that they are a modern creation. In fact, taxes in one form or another have existed since the dawn of civilization. We see one of the earliest forms 4500 years ago in Mesopotamia, when a king imposed a toll tax on the bridge that his citizens used daily t … Read more »