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  • The CRA’s Pursuit of Real Estate Data Goes South of the Border

    Canadian residents pay income tax on their worldwide income. In an effort to crack down on unreported offshore income, the Canada Revenue Agency (the “CRA”) recently announced that it will start a cross-border investigation in the United States. The investigation will look through the past six years … Read more »

  • “Bottom Line Profits”: “It Ain’t Necessarily So”

    Accounting involves communication and the use of language to convey business information. As with all languages, communication can create misunderstandings if one does not understand the underlying assumptions and principles of language structure. Bookkeepers keep the financial records of a business … Read more »

  • The Ripple Effect of Future Wage Subsidy Audits

    As part of its response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government of Canada has created a number of emergency benefits to assist individuals and businesses through these troubling financial times.  For businesses, the centerpiece of the Government’s response has been two wage subsidies – the Temporar … Read more »

  • Tips, Tricks & Traps in Canada/US Cross-Border Tax and Estate Planning

    Michael Cirone of TaxChambers LLP was recently interviewed by Darren Coleman of Coleman Wealth. Please watch the video below to listen as Cirone and Coleman discuss issues regarding Canada/US cross-border tax and estate planning. If clicking the video above does not work, please click here to view t … Read more »

  • Time Is Money: Part 2

    In Part 1 of “The Time Value of Money” we examined the fundamental mathematics of interest calculations and their impact on the lives of professionals and business people. In this part, we explore these fundamental principles, which affect the determination of future and present values, and which we … Read more »