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  • ’Tis the Season to Be Flexible

    As we round the corner into the holiday season, employers may find themselves considering numerous requests by employees for time away from the workplace. Depending on an employer’s operations, the volume of requests during the holiday season can be particularly challenging. In handling such request … Read more »

  • So We Hired an Axe Murderer: What Criminal Record Checks Can and Can’t Do for Your Organization

    By Jana M. Linner (with assistance from Matthew Barnes*) It’s an employer’s nightmare: an employee you hired—who, unbeknownst to you, has a history of committing fraud, preying on vulnerable people, or just generally has little restraint when it comes to breaking the law—has predictably returned to … Read more »

  • Surveillance Cameras in the Workplace: What Manitoba Employers Need to Know

    Employers can have legitimate reasons for wanting to install surveillance cameras. They might be trying to limit theft, or prevent vandalism or property damage. But, before any cameras are installed, it’s important to understand the legal restrictions regarding the use of camera surveillance in the … Read more »

  • Tips for Navigating Saskatchewan’s Workplace Safety Laws

    Saskatchewan has the highest penalties in Canada for incidents causing serious injury or death of a worker. In this article, we look at the first steps an employer must take in the event of an accident or dangerous occurrence at work. This is one tip among many which will help employers navigate Sas … Read more »

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Promoting and Advertising Cannabis

    In conjunction with legalizing the consumption and cultivation of recreational cannabis, the federal government has implemented strict rules governing the advertising and promotion of cannabis and cannabis accessories. Licensed retailers who contravene the restrictions outlined in the Cannabis Act, … Read more »

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