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  • British Columbia Privacy Commissioner shuts down facial recognition

    Recently, the information and privacy commissioner of British Columbia issued a decision that essentially shuts down most use of facial recognition technology in the retail context.What’s interesting is that the Commissioner undertook this investigation on his own accord. In order to see how prevale … Read more »

  • Privacy Commissioner of Canada Loses in Federal Court against Facebook

    Just this past week, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada was on the receiving end of a Federal Court decision that I would characterize as more than a little embarrassing for the Commissioner.In a nutshell, the Commissioner took Facebook to court over the Cambridge Analytica incident an … Read more »

  • Where to find me …

    Given the current dumpster fire at Twitter and the recent ban on outbound links to other social platforms, I thought I’d do a post of where to find me: Twitter: Mastodon: YouTube: My firm, McInnes … Read more »

  • Can someone legitimately try to stop you from taking photos or recording video in a public place? There are some laws to know about, but the answer for Canada is that you generally have the right to take photos or record video in a public place, and nobody can lawfully stop you from doing so. How it … Read more »

  • Video: OPC Finding: Spam messages sent by COVID testing contractor

    The Privacy Commissioner of Canada just released a report of findings about a company contracted by the Airport of Montreal to do on-arrival covid testing. The company added the people tested to their mailing list and sent them unsolicited commercial electronic messages. The investigation was done j … Read more »