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  • Privacy for start-ups and growing businesses

    I was invited with my colleague Sarah Anderson Dykema to present on privacy by design for start-ups at Volta Labs. Volta is Eastern Canada’s innovation hub, incubating and accelerating start-ups. The turnout was great and the presentation was well received. I promised to publish it on my blog for th … Read more »

  • Supreme Court of Canada lays down a very nuanced, contextual understanding of "expectation of privacy"

    Today the Supreme Court of Canada issued a very important privacy decision in R v Jarvis. I say it’s important for a number of reasons. First, it’s an important decision that strongly defines expectation of privacy for the Canadian Criminal Code offence of voyeurism. Second, I expect it will have se … Read more »

  • Presentation: Obtaining digital evidence

    This week, I was pleased to be asked to be on a panel with Daniela Bassan on digital evidence for the Canadian Bar Association – Nova Scotia Annual Conference. I spoke about the mechanics of trying to gather and preserve digital (mainly online) information, and Daniela spoke about the process of get … Read more »

  • Canadian Privacy Commissioner calls for a new privacy law

    Canadian Privacy Commissioner, Daniel Therrien, has today released a letter written to Navdeep Singh Bains, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, calling for a new Canadian privacy law. Such a new law must, he said, include the following aspects: Continue to be technology neu … Read more »

  • Presentation: Privacy 101 for Psychologists

    I was invited to present at an professional development event by the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, on the topic of Privacy 101. In case it’s of use to others, here’s my slide deck: … Read more »

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