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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Joint Ownership

    Clients often ask what they can do during their lifetimes to simplify the administration of their estates. One way to do so is to put assets, such as real estate and bank accounts, into joint names with others with a right of survivorship. This means that when one of the owners dies, the asset autom … Read more »

  • Frustration of Employment Contracts: Divisional Court finds Permanently Disabled Employees Cannot be Accommodated

    Most employers are familiar with employee’s rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Many of these rights are well known and fairly obvious. For example, employers must not terminate their employees on the basis of their disability. Similarly, where employers are aware of an employee’s disability … Read more »

  • Dog Days of Summer: Estate Planning for Pets

    As anyone with Instagram can tell you, International Dog Day fell last Monday. As you were enjoying the delightful glamour shots of your friends’ furry companions, no doubt your mind turned to estate planning for pets! What can you do to ensure your dog (or cat, budgie, alpaca, etc.) is properly loo … Read more »

  • Is a Will Written on a Napkin a Valid Will?

    On a few different occasions, I’ve been asked whether one can make a valid Will by writing their wishes on a napkin or in an email, for example. The former may qualify as a valid Will in Ontario, but the latter would not. The Succession Law Reform Act (the “Act”) is the legislation that sets out why … Read more »

  • Mills & Mills Volunteers at Wychwood Open Door

    Our team volunteered to help paint the kitchen at Wychwood Open Door. Wychwood Open Door is a day-time drop-in centre serving homeless and socially isolated people in Toronto’s mid-town St. Clair West. We had the best day and were so happy to help! The post Mills & Mills Volunteers at Wychwood Open … Read more »