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  • Fertility Clinic Mix-Up Results in Lawsuit

    Emily Hanberry Associate Tel:       403.692.5217 Email: In 2012, a couple residing in New Jersey, Kristina and Drew Wasilewski, turned to in-vitro fertilization to assist in getting pregnant. The couple claims that they spent nearly $500,000 at an institute in New Jersey on t … Read more »

  • Do I Hire a Lawyer or Do I Self-Represent?

    Alex Carter Student-At-Law Tel:       403.984.0455 Email: It is estimated that in more than half of all family law matters, at least one party is self-represented. The most common reason for self-representing is affordability. Many simply cannot afford to retain a lawyer. Howev … Read more »

  • Domestic Violence and When a Parent’s Access to a Child will be Denied

    Melody Rodger Associate Tel:       403.692.3363 Email: The recent decision of SJK v JPG, written by the Honourable Justice S.B. Sherr, is a case where a parent is denied even supervised access to a child as a result of accusations of domestic violence. While it may seem unsurpr … Read more »

  • Surreptitious Recordings In Family Law

    Leslie Taylor Associate Tel:       403.692.5201 Email: In the current era, surreptitious recordings are commonly encountered in family law matters. It is the case that spouses often believe they will be able to obtain some sort of litigation advantage by way of secretly recordi … Read more »

  • What is a “Vexatious Litigant”?

    Kasey Anderson Associate Tel:      403.692.3364 Email: Imagine this nightmarish scenario – you become the target of unrelenting, unwarranted litigation. You are named as a Defendant in lawsuit after lawsuit which are ultimately found to be without merit, though not after you’ … Read more »