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  • “Exaggeration is the Enemy of Credibility”: A Lesson from the Ontario Superior Court

    Emily Hanberry In a recent case out of Ontario, Alsawwah v Afifi, 2020 ONSC 2883 (which was heard by the Ontario Superior Court via videoconference) the Court started out by quoting the famous American trial lawyer, Louis Nizer, who once wrote “[w]hen a man points a finger at someone else, he should … Read more »

  • Bring Clean Hands to Court – Not Just Because of Covid!

    Leigh Sherry We are all by now very used to making sure our hands are clean, literally, but did you know there is “Clean Hand Doctrine” in court, wherein a litigant should come to court with figurative clean hands? In a recently released decision, Vestby v Galloway, 2020 ABQB 361 [Vestby], the Alber … Read more »

  • What is a Separation Agreement?

    Emily Verbiski A Separation Agreement is a legally binding contract with your former spouse that sets out the resolution of issues arising from the breakdown of the relationship. A Separation Agreement can form the basis of a divorce judgment, provided that it is comprehensive and addresses all of t … Read more »

  • Can You Legally Be 49, Forever?

    Emily Hanberry In 2018, a 69-year old man in the Netherlands, Emile Ratelband, brought a lawsuit to change his birth date by 20 years to avoid, in his words, age discrimination. In TV and other press appearances prior to his legal hearing, Mr. Ratelband stated that he felt discriminated against in n … Read more »

  • The Validity of Foreign Divorces in Canada

    Leigh Sherry If you are in Canada but divorced in another country, Canada will most likely recognize the foreign divorce that was granted (with some limited exceptions).  Section 22 of the Divorce Act declares that a divorce granted pursuant to the law or a country by a tribunal which has the author … Read more »