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  • Communication Tips with Your Lawyer

    Aida A. Rafie Partner Tel:       403.692.5207 Email: Clients may sometimes reach a point in their matter where they feel that communication with their counsel is a concern. They may feel that their objective is not being heard by their lawyer, or that their counsel is not being … Read more »

  • Understanding Jurisdiction Can Save Time and Legal Fees

    Leigh Sherry Lawyer Tel:       403.984.0458 Email: The law of attornment and jurisdiction in family law can be complex and tricky to assess. Attornment, jurisdiction and forum non coveniens all have separate legal definitions, and although they can overlap, it is important to d … Read more »

  • Fatal Accidents Act of Alberta

    Mandeep Dhillon Associate Tel:       403.692.5209 Email: The Fatal Accidents Act of Alberta permits a legal action to be brought to recover damages for the benefit of certain family members. These family members are outlined in Section 3 which permits only the spouse, Adult In … Read more »

  • Can a Judge Reject a Settlement?

    Kasey Anderson Associate Tel:      403.692.3364 Email: The Court often challenges litigants to work together towards a settlement in an effort to save the parties, and the Court, time and resources. For the parties a settlement can save time, money, and heartache, but is it a … Read more »

  • COVID-19 Threatens Increase in Domestic Violence

    Emily Verbiski Student-At-Law Tel:        Email: The COVID-19 stay-at-home measures put in place to keep people safe may have the opposite effect on victims of domestic and family abuse. The Government of Alberta defines family violence as “an abuse of power in a family or ot … Read more »