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  • Leading Works in Public Law: de Smith’s Judicial Review of Administrative Action (Stevens & Sons, London, 1959)

    I have uploaded my chapter for Leading Works in Public Law to SSRN. Here is the abstract: In his classic text, Judicial Review of Administrative Action, Professor de Smith drew out from the prerogative writs a body of general principles relating to judicial review of administrative action. Published … Read more »

  • The Canadian Judiciary and COVID-19

    Later this year, starting next month, Verfassungsblog will be running a symposium on the law and politics of the pandemic. I’m contributing a piece on Canada. Here are some thoughts, building on a book chapter I wrote last summer. The role of the judiciary has been relatively passive. Monsanto v. Ca … Read more »

  • Procedural Fairness in Canadian Administrative Law

    Earlier this week I recorded a podcast with Justice Pallotta of the Federal Court for the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice’s new In All Fairness series. You can listen to the podcast here. Do also subscribe to the series. Here is an outline of my discussion with Justice Pallotta: … Read more »

  • Patent Unreasonableness after Vavilov

    Happy New Year! I have posted “Patent Unreasonableness after Vavilov” to SSRN. Here is the abstract: Much ink has already been spilled about the implications of the Supreme Court of Canada’s reformulation of administrative law in Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v Vavilov. One issue, which has l … Read more »

  • What Difference will Vavilov Make? Views from Workplace Law and Beyond

    Back in October, I participated in a wonderful conference organized by Professor Kevin Banks (Queen’s) and the Centre for the Study of Law in the Contemporary Workplace. The panel videos are now available here: Panel 1: Reasonableness Review Post-Vavilov: An Encomium for Correctness, or Deference as … Read more »