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  • Best BC family divorce lawyers TV Advice

    We love the best BC family divorce lawyers TV shows. The new Global Family Law TV Series, Season 1, Episode 1: Reality check From the Perspective of the Best British Columbia Family Law Lawyer. Moving forward Ana Sadovska will support Global’s Family Law show to ensure family law clients are properl … Read more »

  • Capital Gains Income and Support

    Capital gains income and support disputes are becoming more common with some separated Canadians making huge capital gains wins on real estate and stocks.  One of the main decisions judges and lawyers must make is properly calculating the real income of both spouses including how Capital Gains Incom … Read more »

  • Unequal BC Family Property Division Misconduct

    Unequal BC Family Property division Misconduct cases allow for unequal division of the Family Property pie due to misconduct during the relationship. In most cases, family property and debt is divided equally but there are some exceptions including where one spouse has disposed of family property in … Read more »

  • Best Divorce Child Relocation Lawyers

    The best divorce child relocation lawyers at MacLean Law successfully help clients deal with applying for child move away  cases or opposing these emotionally draining child relocation and mobility cases. The new Divorce Act has new rules for mobility and child relocation. In today’s blog Brianne Be … Read more »

  • Overnight Child Parenting Time

    Overnight Child Parenting Time lawyers at MacLean Law act across Canada with offices across BC and in Calgary and Toronto. In today’s blog senior Calgary associate, Peter Graburn explains decisions in this area from across Canada. Parenting capacity and an individualized assessment of the child’s te … Read more »