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  • Child Relocation Move Away Lawyers

    Child relocation move away Lawyers deal with cases where separated parents of a child cannot agree where a child will live. In today’s modern economy people often wish to move out of a town where the separated parents used to live as a couple. Sometimes they want to move for education, or for a new … Read more »

  • Best Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers

    The best Vancouver estate litigation lawyers know it is devastating for you to lose a loved one or to see them suffer. Vancouver estate ligation lawyers also know that matters quickly become even worse when you: discover you have been disinherited ( received a nominal amount or worse you have been l … Read more »

  • Transgender Rights Family Law Lawyers

    In today’s blog, Fort St. John articling student Jaye Rutledge writes about an upcoming British Columbia Court of Appeal case dealing with the rights of a transgender child to obtain hormone therapy for gender dysphoria and a protection order made against the child’s father.  Jaye is a transgender w … Read more »

  • Vancouver Undue Influence Estate Litigation

    Vancouver Undue Influence Estate Litigation lawyers deal with cases where a property has been transferred to someone or a Will has provided a bequest to someone who was in a position to influence the deceased person to make the “gift”. But many cases involve gifts to family members who have a close … Read more »

  • 3 Best BC Family Separation Tips

    3 Best BC Family Separation Tips are designed to help you deal with and master some key principles related to family separation in BC. Karsten Erzinger one of our dedicated, Kelowna office family law associates, wrote this blog to set out 3 Things to Know About Separation in British Columbia.  3 Bes … Read more »