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  • MacLean Law Wins Top Choice Award for Family Lawyer, 2020

    MacLean Family Law is once again the Top Family Law Firm in Vancouver, thanks to our wonderful clients. This is the 6th time we’ve received this coveted award and the win only strengthens our driving force to work even harder to help people surmount their life challenges. The award, which is the res … Read more »

  • Bird’s Nest Shared Child Parenting

    Bird’s Nest Shared Child Parenting lawyers help parents and their children move forward after separation in a unique way. A “nesting” co-parenting arrangement is one that is uniquely child-centered. Rather than the children having to adapt to the parents’ needs and living in two separate dwellings, … Read more »

  • Vancouver Paternity Test Lawyers

    Our top-rated Vancouver Paternity Test Lawyers know that DNA paternity tests also called DNA parentage testing applications have become a television spectacle thanks to shows hosted by the likes of Maury and Jerry Springer. In family court, applications concerning paternity tests are frequently brou … Read more »

  • Shared Custody Child Support Household Income

    Shared custody child support household income cases involve comparing the household incomes of both spouses to decide fair child support. Some Shared Custody Child Support Household Income cases involve equalizing the net disposable income in both homes so one home is not a “have” home and the other … Read more »

  • Calgary Vancouver Spousal Support Exceptions

    Calgary Vancouver Spousal Support Exceptions lawyers deal with special circumstances where a departure from the application of the federal Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines may occur. Our 5-time award-winning  “Top Vancouver Family Law Firm” lawyers often see mistakes made by parties or lawyers un … Read more »