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  • Differential treatment in pension and benefit plans based on date of hire now prohibited in Québec (or is it really?)

    The differences in pension and employee benefits between younger workers and more experienced workers have become one of the dominant political issues of the moment in Québec’s pension and benefits industry. Over the last few years, unions have intensified pressure on the Québec government to ban th … Read more »

  • Ontario pension reforms – Where are they now?

    The pace of pension reform in Ontario has been fast-moving since the release of the Ontario Budget on March 28, 2018 (the “Budget”). Among other things, the Budget announced continued work on the new funding rules for defined benefit pension plans and related increases to coverage under the Pension … Read more »

  • Target benefit plans continue to gain traction

    Following the federal government’s proposed changes to the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (the “PBSA”) to permit federally-regulated employers to sponsor target benefit plans (“TBPs”), released in October 2016, TBPs continue to gain traction across multiple Canadian provinces. Federal Bill C-2 … Read more »

  • New enforcement regime changes risk profile for pension plans

    Administrative monetary penalties (“AMPs”) are coming to the regulated pensions sector in Ontario.  The recently published “Administrative Penalties” regulation (the “AMP Regulation”) under the Pension Benefits Act (Ontario) (“PBA”), provides the final details of the regime. The AMP Regulation is sc … Read more »

  • Court rejects U.S. pension claim in Canadian CCAA proceeding

    In a precedent-setting decision, Justice Fitzpatrick of the British Columbia Supreme Court held that a U.S. multi-employer pension plan’s claim for $1.25 billion against Canadian Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) debtors was invalid. The claim was asserted pursuant to the U.S. long-arm con … Read more »

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