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  • Should a Buyer Accept Title Insurance in Lieu of a Real Property Report and Compliance?

    Podcast Episode 129: “Home-buyer’s Dilemma.”   Seems like I’m always finding examples to write about regarding real property reports (RPR) and how they fit into a real estate transaction in Alberta. Land surveys, as RPRs are also known, should be simpler than they are. The standard AREA/MLS contract … Read more »

  • Agreements For Sale (AFS) Focus Workshop

    An All-Day, Virtual, Real Estate Investing Event: Saturday, August 22nd. Now Is the Perfect Time for the Agreement for Sale Strategy. The past few years of economic activity (or lack thereof), government ‘tinkering’ with the mortgage rules, and financial uncertainty, have created a perfect storm for … Read more »

  • Real Estate Cage Fight: Restrictive Covenants vs. City Bylaws

    Podcast Episode 128: “Secondary Suite Grudge Match.” Would-be Calgary Landlord Builds Legally-Approved Secondary Suite but Gets Stifled by Restrictive Covenant on Title for Neighbourhood’s Single-Family Dwellings. And now for the main event! This Real Estate Regulation League title fight is schedule … Read more »

  • Three Examples of Real Estate Woe with Permits, Surveys, and Compliance

    Podcast Episode 127: “3×3 Permits.” This is the third Tale in my recent mini-series on Real Property Reports (RPR), municipal compliance, and building/development permits. Our first two Tales dealt with the maze of bureaucracy that surrounds permits and the dangers of not getting a clean RPR with co … Read more »

  • Rules and Regulations for Secondary Suite Permits Getting Stricter

    Podcast Episode 126: “Trapped in a Permit Maze.” This Tale from the Trenches is the second in our ongoing mini-series on permits for real estate. You know, those sometimes-nasty bits of paper that towns, cities, counties, and other municipalities require before you can do certain types of work on a … Read more »