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  • Rules and Regulations for Secondary Suite Permits Getting Stricter

    Podcast Episode 126: “Trapped in a Permit Maze.” This Tale from the Trenches is the second in our ongoing mini-series on permits for real estate. You know, those sometimes-nasty bits of paper that towns, cities, counties, and other municipalities require before you can do certain types of work on a … Read more »

  • You Can’t Fight City Hall on Real Property Reports and Compliance

    Podcast Episode 125: “Hot Tub Trials and Tribulations.”This episode of Tales from the Trenches is shocking! A client had retained my legal services to help with purchasing her dream home in Edmonton, Alberta. The seller provided a brand-new real property report (RPR) to my client, who in turn sent t … Read more »

  • Christmas 2019

    Season’s Greetings!

    Donna and I would like thank everyone for their ongoing support and to send our wishes for a very merry Christmas and an exuberant New Year. A new decade starts on January 1st, 2020, so here’s to health, wealth, and happiness for all!

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  • Negotiating Tax on Real Estate Deals when the Seller Is not a Resident of Canada.

    Podcast Episode 124: “Non-Resident Taxes Part II.”Like all things tax related, non-resident tax is complicated when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Canada. In February, 2016, I posted a lengthy blog on non-resident tax and how it can affect buyers, sellers, and realtors. Lots of liabil … Read more »

  • Why It’s Hard to Get a Mortgage in Canada

    Here’s How Tightening Regulations Have Made It More Difficult for Canadians to Borrow Money When Buying Real Estate. Back in the good ol’ days before the world financial crisis of 2008, it was relatively easy for Canadians to get mortgages. Since then, successive governments have imposed increasingl … Read more »