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  • Can You Transfer a Business to Your Family Tax-Free?

    New Legislation to Help Canadians Sell Family Business Without Tax Do you have a family-owned business? Is it time to retire after years of hard work? Do you want to sell to a family member, perhaps a child or children who have worked with you to build the business? You’ve probably been thinking abo … Read more »

  • There’s More to Life than Work

    For the Love of Dog It was a dark and stormy night on a rain drenched highway in Spain. My niece Kiki and her boyfriend Jesus were driving to the family village for the weekend. They slowed down to avoid something right in the middle of the highway, and that something turned out to be Alfie, who was … Read more »

  • Three Issues to Negotiate When Buying or Selling Real Estate: Chattels, Defects, and Stigmata

    Podcast Episode 132: “(Un)attached Goods, Defects, and Stigmas.” Negotiating an Offer to Purchase for a piece of real estate is about more than just the price. In this blog post, I’ll start by looking at two key points that must be worked out between buyer and seller: unattached goods and material l … Read more »

  • Rent-to-Own Focus Workshop Featuring Neil & Rachel Oliver

    Online Event: Learn How to Invest in Real Estate Using the Rent-to-Own Strategy Saturday, March 6th 9:00am–5:00pm MST (11:00am–7:00pm EST) We are beyond excited to launch our very first full-day Rent-to-Own (RTO) Focus Workshop!  And there is no couple better suited to help us do it than Rachel and … Read more »

  • Struck Corporations, Land Titles, and Tax in Alberta—Part 2

    Corporate Matters Still Matter This is a follow-up to a previous blog post about the real estate woes of a corporate client who was in hot water because of an outstanding mortgage balance, loss of ownership of the property, and a huge tax bill to boot. At long last, there has been progress on this c … Read more »