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  • Airbnb Tax Info Canada

    Tax Implications of Short-Term Rentals for Property Owners Short-term rentals like Airbnb are becoming increasingly popular. We get a huge number of inquiries about them at my real estate law office in Edmonton, Alberta, and I know that folks are concerned about them across Canada. The legal issues … Read more »

  • Invest in Real Estate with Little—or No—Money

    Would you like to buy investment property but don’t have the funds? Do you want to increase your real estate portfolio by following tested and proven steps? How about learning different, creative ways to profit from real estate? Even if you are just curious, this is the most important event you’ll h … Read more »

  • Billionaires Bet Big On Oil-sands

    The world is going to need petrochemicals for a long time. I like the notion that the oil-sands are coming back. Smart real estate investors need to consider broader economic trends, and in Alberta that means keeping an eye on the market for our oil. Read more »

  • Murder Disclosure When Real Estate Is Sold

    Here’s what these judgements mean in lay terms. A vendor is not obligated to disclose all their personal reasons for selling a house, unless those reasons affect the objective value and/or the property’s usefulness. In the case of a violent death, there is no way for a seller to know if it would hav … Read more »

  • When to Buy Real Estate

    What if the whole market where you want to buy is out of control, with bidding wars driving prices over list and desperate buyers snapping up properties very quickly? Or, maybe the market is flat, not much movement up and down. Or, maybe the market is depressed and prices are falling. How do you loo … Read more »