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Information About Trauma and Lawyers’ Mental Health

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  • My Approach to Mental Health Messaging: Embracing the Contradictory Multitudes

     I’m relatively new to acknowledging that I have a mental health condition. I have mixed feelings about what it means. Sometimes I embrace it. Other times I feel it fails to capture what I’m experiencing. Sometimes I reject the label altogether; other times it helps to have a name (even a far from p … Read more »

  • First Generation Law Student/Lawyer

    When I started law school nearly twenty years ago, I had a different background than most of my classmates. Unlike many of them (as far as I could tell), I was a first-generation law student who knew what it was like to experience poverty, trauma* and chaos from an early age..  When I was born, my f … Read more »

  • FirstGen Law Student 2003–An Email

    I was a firstgen law student back in 2003 (3L). I often feel strange, however, adding my perspective to the firstgen discussion because I worry that voice is unduly influenced by the fact that I’ve now been a lawyer for 15 years (although my experiences of past poverty and trauma have affected me th … Read more »

  • "Not Representative"

    I like speaking out about trauma and lawyers’ mental health. As someone directly affected, it’s important to me to engage in this kind of advocacy.That said, one thing I’m very aware of is that I definitely can’t and don’t speak for everyone, not even everyone who shares the same condition.Initially … Read more »

  • Visibility

    In my writing on trauma and mental illness, I’ve focused a lot on the need to avoid rigid generalizations. No matter how much we think we know right now, it’s not enough. Something and someone is always being left out.This is especially important because our knowledge about trauma and mental illness … Read more »