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Information About Trauma and Lawyers’ Mental Health

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  • A Little Understanding–It's Okay to Acknowledge How Hard This All Is

    Pandemic life is really difficult for some of us.I speak as someone ultra-privileged in many ways yet suffering in others.Could we please stop sending the message that any of this is easy or that any aspect of this is  no big deal? We all have to make sacrifices, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t a … Read more »

  • Healing is Not Always Easy and That's Okay

    Without going into details, I can say that I’ve been experiencing the downside of healing lately. Things have been extremely difficult and painful, and I find myself wondering for the first time if it was a mistake to attempt to heal.The thing about healing is that for some it may be genuinely strai … Read more »

  • Being Flexible With Each Other In Difficult Times: Let's Cool It With the Mandatory Videos

    As someone who entered this profession in many ways as an outsider, I’ve never been fond of the rigid demands of etiquette and protocol in the legal profession. Most evolved when many of us were not welcome, and then acquired fixed status because they became part of the culture of our profession, it … Read more »

  • This Isn't A Coping Contest

    Yikes, the world sure is falling apart, isn’t it? Or maybe not? Maybe this is a time for many of us to reflect and rise stronger with a better relationship to ourselves, improved connections to (and/or boundaries with) family, friends and colleagues, increased appreciation for and protection of the … Read more »

  • Whatever Works (Allowing for Flexibility in Difficult Times)

    I’ve found it really difficult to think about what I might write in this blog in view of what’s been going on in the world right now.Just at a time when I was finally working on the difficult process of thinking about my own healing and moving towards important treatment options (that would have inv … Read more »